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Why are you a Miami Marlins fan?

Everyone has a different reason for reading pieces on this site. But only our community's members can explain how they became Marlins fans.

Lost and Found: How Baseball Saved Me

A father and son set out to tour all 30 major league stadiums.

FanPost Friday: Who is your all-time favorite Marlins’ player?

Who is it...and why?

Sporcle Saturday: Marlins MVP Votes

Can you name every Marlins player historically to garner MVP votes?

FanPost Friday: Who is your favorite prospect?

Here is your chance to explain exactly who we should all be high on.

Sporcle Saturday: Marlins’ Opening Day Starting Pitchers

Can you name every Opening Day Starter for the Marlins since the 1993 inaugural season?

¿Están los Marlins tomando la mayor ventaja de su relación con la cultura Hispana?

Vamos a ver lo que han hecho y lo que no han hecho los Marlins para apegarse a la comunidad Hispana.

Sporcle Saturday: 2003 Florida Marlins starting lineup/rotation

How well do you know the 2003 World Champions?

Interested in writing for Fish Stripes?

Details inside!

Sporcle Saturday: Name the 1997 Florida Marlins Roster

How well do you know the Marlins first championship squad?

Highs and lows of the 1997 World Series champion Florida Marlins: June 15

A messy weekend against the defending champs goes down to the wire.

Why I’m a fan of the Miami Marlins

Or, how a boy from England fell in love with the Fish

Five Marlins franchise records that could be broken in May 2017

Including one that you—yes, you!—can contribute to.

Sporcle Sunday (wait, what?): Can you name every Marlins Opening Day lineup since 1993?

A little (ok, a large) test of your Marlins knowledge

Fanpost: Ranking your most favorite to least favorite baseball teams

Our first Fanpost prompt!

Meet the Fish Stripes staff: Dylan Goldman

A quick-hitting interview with a random staff member, just because we can.

The Miami Marlins Nickname List

A comprehensive list covering the each member of the 40-man roster

Marlins Twitter reacts

The response from the community

Fish Tales #3: The ‘Golden Baseball’

Marlins Entice Fans With a $1 Million Prize

Fish Tales #2: Marlins and Rays to Swap Leagues/Divisions in 2018

An Early Preview

Fish Tales #1: New colors for the Marlins

Marlins set to adopt a new color scheme

How do you feel about the 2016 Miami Marlins?

Here's your chance to tell 'em.

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Why I am a Marlins fan..

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Why am I a Marlins Fan?

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Why I am a Marlins fan

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Why I am a Marlins Fan

Why are you a Marlins fan?

Although there are a pair of World Series titles involved, it can sometimes get difficult to root for an organization that is in rebuilding mode. So we want to find out how you became a Marlins fan, and why you became a Marlins fan.


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