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Miami Marlins video: Jose Fernandez talks about his rookie experiences

Miami Marlins rookie Jose Fernandez sat down with reporter Jesse Sanchez to talk about his experiences in the majors so far, his relationship with other Cuban players, and his life in Cuba before all his success.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Marlins rookie Jose Fernandez is having a magical season, and it has been an absolute joy to watch his baseball career blossom in front of our very eyes. But beyond his success on the field, Fernandez has been nothing but enjoyable off the field. His constant cheering and celebration in the dugout is part of his vibrant personality, and we as Marlins fans must enjoy that vivid character shining through on a day-to-day basis.

But rarely do we get to see Fernandez in an everyday setting, talking about things outside of baseball.'s Jesse Sanchez did get a chance to sit down and chat with the 21-year-old phenom in his Miami Beach apartment and discuss not just baseball, but life here in the US as compared to Cuba, the exploits of his other Cuban comrades around the league, and the difficulties he faced along the way to arriving in Miami, all in a 10-minute interview on

The interview is in Spanish, but there are English subtitles as well. It really details Fernandez's life before the United States, which is among the most interesting aspects of the young star. It seemed in the interview that Fernandez felt that the experience was a humbling one, as he was unable to attain his goal and was detained and jailed twice along the way to the US. He said that he never gave up on his dream of coming to the US and proving that he could play baseball with the best, and now that he is doing it, he seems very happy. At the same time, he clearly remembers those hardships and perhaps uses them as a reminder of who he once was.

The other aspect of the interview that stuck out in my mind was his desire to be a role model for young fans in Miami. Many young boys and girls in Miami grew up in Cuba as well and came from the same difficulties and poverty that Fernandez once dealt with. He said that he believes it is important for those fans to know that their dreams can be possible if they work hard as he has. While athletes should not be expectd to be role models, it is always nice to find one who is willing to take that role.

Fernandez's life is a movie in the making, and this video displays a little bit of why it might make such an amazing film. Fernandez is an admirable young man and a great role model, and Miami fans should be happy to get a chance to see him pitch every fifth day.

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