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Fish Stripes staff makes 2018 MLB award picks

Another former Marlin wins an MVP. Sort of.

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Welcome to the new Fish Stripes

I am the site’s managing editor now. Open to all of your suggestions, so dímelo, Marlins fans.

Icthyomancy Update!

"Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing."

Fare thee well, Fish Stripes

Thanks for a fun few years.

Marlins bobblehead giveaway! Register to win this 2017 MLB All-Star Game collectible

The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum hooks up Fish Stripes readers with holiday season savings.

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Details inside!

Fish Stripes Community Guidelines

Follow these simple rules and we’ll be cool!

Off Day Fish Fry: Winning, First Place Teams, Cars

Ask and ye shall receive, so it's said.

Fish Fry: Trades, Steroids, Last Meal

Q&A Time!

Heroes And Zeroes: Marlins 10, Mets 3

Miami's offense batted around (and then some) in the second inning for the difference in last night's seven-run win in New York.

2016 Marlins Season Preview: The News team

You like news? We do too.

2016 Marlins Season Preview: Community interaction

There are many ways for you, the readers of Fish Stripes, to get involved in our community! Here are some of the things we want to push for 2016!

2016 Marlins Season Preview: Meet Fish Stripes!

Now that you have met the 2016 Miami Marlins, you should meet the 2016 Fish Stripes squad! What should you expect this year from me and the rest of the team!

Friday Fish Fry: Who Grinds Your Gears and More!

Marlins-ish questions for your consumption.

Friday Fish Fry: Marlins World Series and more!

Let's do some more talking about the Marlins and the baseballs and the whatnot.

Friday Fish Fry: Inaugural edition

Where we give you three questions and you answer them. Or not.

Marlins Help Wanted: Player operations internship

The Marlins are looking for smart folks who love baseball to get involved in their organization. Look within.

Fish Stripes' top stories of 2015

Here is what most people were interested in last year.

Join the Fish Stripes staff

Join the staff! We have several significant openings.

Ichthyomancy: The Return

Are you an amateur prognosticator (or a professional in disguise)? Let the world see your effortless predictions come true in this seasons' Ichthyomancy!

Introducing FanDuel: Meeting your fantasy needs

SB Nation and FanDuel have created an exclusive partnership, and we want to get all of our readers involved again in 2015.

Baseball Sweet 16

What if Baseball had a March Madness style tournament to determine the greatest team of all time? Click here to read more, and cast your vote for the greatest team of all time.

Shields may have 'definitely helped' playoff push

Miami was reportedly in on Shields until the end. Here is what the Fish Stripes crew thought of the situation.

Help Wanted: Join the FishStripes team

Top 8 stories of 2014

As 2014 comes to a close, here are FishStripes' top eight posts of the year. There is a lot of Giancarlo Stanton involved.

A Thank You to the Fish Stripes community

We appreciate you reading our content, and are thankful you are a part of our community that makes the site grow every day.

Why are you a Marlins fan?

Although there are a pair of World Series titles involved, it can sometimes get difficult to root for an organization that is in rebuilding mode. So we want to find out how you became a Marlins fan, and why you became a Marlins fan.

Introducing FanDuel

SB Nation and FanDuel have created an exclusive partnership, and we want to get all of our readers involved. Enough activity can lead to our very own Marlins site fantasy baseball league.

2014 Marlins Season Preview: Ichthyomancy!

Another season for the Miami Marlins means another year of Ichthyomancy! Here's how you can play and get involved with the best Marlins pick'em game around!

Spring Training 2014: Fish Stripes schedule

With Spring Training officially beginning soon, we want to discuss what we will be doing during the preseason and all throughout the year right here at Fish Stripes.

What's The Most Memorable Moment of 2013?

With 2013 now behind us, we want to hear your opinion on what was the most memorable moment of the year for the Miami Marlins.