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Sabermetrics Primers and Resources

Justin Ruggiano and a lesson about streak

Miami Marlins outfielder Justin Ruggiano was on one of the worst hitting slumps in Major League history, but all of a sudden he broke out of it. What does that tell us about the predictability of streaks?

The Miami Marlins, Gorkys Hernandez, and Terrible Leadoff Men

The Miami Marlins are batting Gorkys Hernandez leadoff against left-handers, which shows that manager Ozzie Guillen thinks only of speed and not quality at the leadoff spot. Which Marlins player would be best suited batting leadoff?

The Marlins, Josh Johnson, and a Trade Value Primer

The Miami Marlins are still considering trading Josh Johnson. How much trade value does he have? Before we can learn that, we need to learn about how to calculate trade value.

The Marlins, Justin Ruggiano, and Small Sample Sizes

Justin Ruggiano has been stellar for the Miami Marlins in 2012, but how much of it has been fluky? What could his true talent level be? Fish Stripes discusses at what samples statistics "stabilize" and applies it to Ruggiano's season.

Josh Johnson, Carlos Zambrano, and Defense-Independent Pitching

The Miami Marlins have two starters expected to go the opposite directions in terms of ERA. To understand why, Fish Stripes delves into a primer on defense-independent pitching theory.

Miami Marlins Season Preview: Reyes, Moneyball, and Wins

Fish Stripes uses a well-learned lesson from Moneyball and puts it into perspective with Jose Reyes.

Linear Weights and Dividing Offensive Credit

How can we divide offensive credit between players when runs are scored in sequences of hits? The answer lies in linear weights, and Fish Stripes explains.

What Does a Stat Say and What Should a Stat Say?

What does a stat say and what should a stat say? These are two questions you should consider eveyr time you want to discuss performance. Fish Stripes discusses these questions in more detail.

Basic Sabermetrics: What Will You See on Fish Stripes?

Fish Stripes is going into sabermetrics. What are some numbers that you should know?