Who’s No. 1 in the Marlins farm system now?

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We recently received the deflating news that Sixto Sánchez would require season-ending arthroscopic surgery on his throwing shoulder. Then, in a draft day stunner, highly rated prep shortstop Kahlil Watson fell into the Marlins’ lap in the middle of the first round. While there’s a consensus across the baseball industry that Miami has above-average overall talent in its farm system, identifying the best individual prospect at the moment is a fun challenge.

How much does Sixto’s lost year affect his career trajectory? The last three Marlins first-rounders have drastically different skill sets—which one do you prefer? Edward Cabrera’s minor league numbers since 2019 are eye-popping and he’s got a prototypical starter’s build.

The five legitimate candidates for that distinction, in my opinion, are:

Baseball America

After an enigmatic collegiate career, Jake Eder did everything possible to boost his stock during his first half-season as a pro. Peyton Burdick and Lewin Díaz possess awesome power. José Salas—who is the same age as Watson—is off to a terrific start in rookie ball; ditto for Eury Pérez in Low-A Jupiter. Jesús Sánchez has been a hitting machine in 2021, though the Marlins left fielder is on the verge of graduating from prospect eligibility. Vote “other” in the poll below to support any of them.


By process of elimination

Draftee Watson is the only five-tool player in the entire system. He rates #1 for upside.
E Cabrera. His least couple starts haven’t been flawless, but he’s the best pitching prospect since Jose.
Third would have to be Eder. He strikes out hitters at a vastly higher rate than Meyer and does it against exactly the same competition.
Meyer would be forth, I guess.
Griffin Conine is demanding attention. He whiffs ugly and often, but he walks and also leads the minor league world in homers. My bet is that if were manning the OF at AA with Burdick and Bleday, he would be the most productive. We’ll soon find out … maybe right after the All Star break.

The term five tool player is the kiss of death. You forget that five tool player was the way the team described Lewis Brinson for many years.

Ummm Jazz?

You may be right, but I never recalled Jeter using that term for Jazz the way the applied it so liberally and so many times for so many years to L. Brinson.

Fair enough

yet so many on here during last off season wanted to trade Griffin Conine in art beat.
i was the only one to defend him

Sixto should not be in the top 30

Ely you make it sound as if Sixto’s recent injury was a one-off aberration, in which case he should still be considered. He was known to have a poor work ethic with the Phils and many front offices execs have said off the record that they could not why Jeter took him in the trade. Since his time with the Marlins, he has come in overweight and was delayed due to visa issues. Instead of spending his offseason eating, he should have played winter ball and stayed in shape. And he should have applied for his visa in time, just as every other player manages to. In my view, Sixto is toast and we can also go ahead and take Victor Victor off our list, although his little brother still looks good.

Can you provide some proof to Sixto's "poor work ethic?"

He's saying

Sixto’s weight/conditioning and visa issues are the proof of his poor work ethic.

While I don’t think we should remove Sixto from the top 30, I think I speak for a lot of fans when I say I’ve certainly been disappointed by his…well everything about him except his performance on the field. Which you can say is the only thing that matters, but not if the other things keep him from getting on the field to perform. I’m still hopeful, but I am frustrated.

So does Aguilar have a poor work ethic?

Hell Meyers is a little chunky for his size! Give me actual reports of someone saying that he has a poor work ethic! If you can’t provide that then stop slandering the kid!

seem like it. but having to much. or what he said on it.
wish he use heaver bat

Of course I cannot provide proof and you know it. Nothing in life can be proved. But there are multiple stories on line, albeit with anonymous sources, who say he has a poor work ethic. I don’t live in Jupiter so I can’t go to training camp and see what time he shows up every day and how much extra practice he takes. And even if I lived in Jupiter, I assume that the security guards would not let me in, but you should know that.
But the weight and visa issues are hard and fast data points.
And yes, if his pitching, or overall health were nearly comparable to Augilar he would get a pass. When you hit like the Babe, or even Aggs, you get a pass. But Sixto is in no way shape or form comparable to Aggy.
But hey, if you want to make the argument that Sixto is still our number one prospect, go for it and you can have it out again with your boyfriend Alex.

I like to believe in human decency

And saying that he has a poor work ethic with no proof of that being the case just feels like slander. Weight didn’t stop Aguilar from being successful in the Majors. Being in shape didn’t stop Hernandez from getting hurt this season.

Dude the Kid pitches well. He’s a top of the rotation arm. And for Context I think that Meyers takes over at No1 in the system when the new ranking come out. All I’m saying is stop attacking the kid for not being what you think he should be!

I am not the first one or by far the only one to say it. So, yes, I am repeating info from other sources, and not first hand. And from what I do know, with the weight and visa and disappointing track record, it all adds up.
I certainly agree though, that if it was a player where I did not have those data points, let’s say Victor Victor, that it would be libelous, although not slander. Slander is verbal, while the written form is libel. So I think what you meant to say is that my comments feel like libel, since they are in written form, not slander, since you and I have never spoken.

Ok so who are the reputable sources who are questioning his work ethic?

My recollection is the Philadelphia Inquirer – local Philly newspaper – and The Athletic although both require subscriptions so I cannot find them.
By the way, could you also provide links to every statement you make on line, especially your comment about how a written comment can be consider libel and what law you are citing whether state or federal and any court cases that have found someone guilty or civilly liable for making such statements about a public figure.

Already checked it and nothing so again I ask, where is your source?

Because I don’t understand how you can enjoy saying that a kid that pitched so well in the playoffs for us and is a top 50 prospect has work ethic issues. Here’s the thing, I’m not the one taking pot shots at a 22 year old and if i was then I would actually provide something to help prove my case.

From Fishonthefarm

Even though his time on the field came to an end in June, Sixto’s 2018 was far from over. On () the Phillies won the sweepstakes for catcher JT Realmuto. The price: Jorge Alfaro, lefty Will Stewart and the top prospect in the Phillies organization, Sixto Sanchez. According to Sanchez, the news of having to leave the organization which jump started his career and where he learned how to become a man hit him hard. In fact, Sanchez told NBC Sports the news reduced him to tears.

"I was really surprised. I would have never imagined that they would have traded me. I wasn’t prepared for it, Sanchez said. "Once I came to terms with it, I said, ‘OK. I’m traded now and I’m going to work hard.’ "

And work hard he has. Sixto showed up in Miami for spring training 2019 as the new guy but also as the team’s brand new top prospect. He was a participant in the Marlins’ annual Captains’ Camp, a program which mixes on field work with life coaching. Through that process and through another restart in the A+ Florida State League, Sixto stunned both his opponents and his own teammates and coaches.

"He throws strikes, he works quick and he fills up the strike zone," Hammerheads pitching coach Reid Cornelius said after just two starts. "The changeup is really good, the fastball is explosive and he throws some good sliders. He’s electric."

The Marlins saw a lot of the same things Cornelius saw. After just those two aforementioned starts in Jupiter, Sixto was given the big call up to AA Jacksonville. There is only one term for his performance there: staggering. Going up against guys nearly four and a half years older than him on average, this was the line: 103 IP, 2.53 ERA, 2.69 FIP, 1.029 WHIP. Those metrics ranked sixth, third and fourth in the Southern League. His 5.11 K/BB ratio made possible by a 97/19 K/BB was tops in the SL.

This season, the Marlins, in an abundance of caution to preserve his arm and in order to steer as far away from necessary surgery as possible, put Sixto on a very strict throwing program. In early March, Sixto was hardly up to full speed even in his bullpens. Then, COVID struck and delayed him even more. However, Sanchez didn’t waste his time away from the Jupiter site. Instead, he did some extremely advantageous fitness work and showed back up to summer camp in arguably the best shape of his life.

"In spring, I wasn’t ready," Sanchez told the Miami Herald’s Jordan McPherson. "I was a bit overweight. … I was able to lose some weight and get to 225. Now, I feel great."

Sixto’s level of comfort has shown during scrimmage games against his teammates including big league guys at Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium.

From the Inquirer

There were also whispers about his conditioning, specifically a tendency to put a few unwanted pounds onto his barely 6-foot frame. But the Phillies chalked it up to youth (Sanchez turned 20 in the summer of 2018) rather than a red flag about his work ethic. He remained solidly their most coveted prospect.

"Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son."

Thanks for proving my point. By his own admission, to the Miami Herald he arrived at Spring training overweight. That is the definition of poor work ethic. Harold Ramirez didn’t sit around all winter eating bon bons, he played winter ball and hustled. That’s real work ethic. In the infamous words of Dean Wormer from Faber College to Kent "Flounder" Dorfman "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.".
And he has had multiple conditioning issues during his time with the Marlins as well, also reportedly reporting overweight.
And the inquirer confirms that there sources cited his lack of conditioning. Sure they chalked it up to youth since they were getting ready to trade him – no one is dumb enough to publicly admit the flaws of a player they are getting ready to trade.
And again, the visa. Hundreds of players in the minors and majors successfully applied for and received visas from the Dominican Republic to travel to the U.S. in time for spring training. He is the only player in the entire Marlins organization who did not apply in time to get his visa. "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son."

He is far from the only player we've had that didn't get his visa.

I remember many others before him who didn’t. Not naming names, as I can’t remember them, but there were.

Not really proving your point

Him saying that he’s overweight and then saying that he’s working hard to lose said weight doesn’t really scream "poor work ethic." Also he normally sits at 225 so him being 232 isn’t the end of the world.

And as One said, he’s far from the only player we had that didn’t get a visa. This just sounds like you don’t like the kid, which is weird but it’s your right to feel however you want to but can you at least stop blindly accusing the kid of things.

Do you have any proof that other players did not get their visas on time?
And no player should apply for their visa late or have it denied due to filling out the paperwork wrong.
And yes, for a professional athlete, who is paid solely for their physical performance, to show up overweight to spring training, when they knew for a whole winter what their reporting date is, screams poor work ethic. They fact that he is constantly injured is a red flag too.
And can you prove that his weight really was just 232 when he reported?

Former Cleveland Indians’ Jose Lopez was delayed in Venezuela for three weeks because of problems with his visa.

A man working in the U.S. on a visa was temporarily delayed entry into the country because he changed employers without filling out a form. Another had to stay in Venezuela three weeks due to "visa issues." And in one instance a United States senator had to intervene after a Japanese man was denied entry due to paperwork delays at the Department of Homeland Security.

These men could easily be one of hundreds of immigrants navigating the United States immigration system, but in this case they were professional baseball players who couldn’t start the season or spring training because of issues with their visas.

Have you ever applied for a visa? I can tell you that’s it’s not as simple as you make it out to be.

Again so Aguilar’s weight is a huge red flag right? You can’t just pick and choose which players have red flags. On MLB pipeline that’s his weight.

Visa issues is character issues???

My father (nigerian immigrant who became a citizen officially in the ‘97 after coming ‘85) endured a multitude of visa issues all because of constant mixups , visa issues is actually pretty normal & does not have any indication of a players "work ethic" & weight? Im sorry but genetics is not on everyones side , some players will naturally gain weight dude

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