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Outta Left Field

Die-hard Marlins fan Alex Contreras gives his take on the team.

Talk Baseball: J.T. Realmuto trade reaction video

The latest Talk Baseball episode weighs in on the biggest move of the Marlins offseason.

Talk Baseball: GOAT talk, leading up to FanFest, Spring Training 2019

The Pre-Spring Training episode covers topics ranging from J.T. Realmuto to Bartolo Colon.

Billy the Marlin, 1993-Present

Reflecting on 26 seasons as the Marlins mascot and making the case for keeping him with the franchise long term.

MLB vs. Japan: Battle of the All-Stars

After several Marlins contributed to the 2018 Japan All-Star Series, we review the storied history of meetings between MLB and NPB players.

Top Marlins MLB free agent targets

Addressing team needs for the 2019 season without getting too carried away.