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Walk-off Wednesdays

Walk-off Wednesdays: Arrive early for the bobblehead giveaway, stay late for the ninth-inning heroics

Good day all around for Don Mattingly as a public figure and tactician.

Walk-off Wednesdays: Giancarlo Stanton’s first “Mike drop”

Different name, different uniform, same awesome power that we’ve come to expect from Stanton.

Walk-off Wednesdays: Jeff Conine’s only at-bat makes all the difference

Jim Leyland leaned heavily on backups during a Thursday matinee. They kept the game close enough for Mr. Marlin to deliver the heroics.

Walk-off Wednesdays: Martin Prado wins epic battle against an old nemesis

Playing for one of their largest home crowds of 2015, the Marlins came back to stun the division-leading Mets.

Walk-off Wednesdays: 1,000 miles from Miami, Marlins feel right at home

They should’ve spent the entire season in San Juan!

Walk-off Wednesdays: Padres challenge Jeff Mathis and he makes them pay

In the midst of a non-competitive 2013 season, Mathis led the Marlins to a rare series win.