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Miguel Rojas unblocks @fishstripes on Twitter

The most surprising "transaction" of the Marlins offseason so far!

Quiz: Can you tell the difference between Severino and Hollandsworth?

Put your listening skills to the test!

Jeter’s Party with Diddy and Co. Spurs New Marlins Roster and Organizational Changes

Seismic changes are coming to Miami baseball.

Tyler Moore’s double life exposed

You thought you knew sporadic Marlins first baseman Tyler Moore. Think again.

Twitter reacts to the AJ Ramos trade

From agony to exhilaration, otherwise known as any event on social media.

Jeffrey Loria’s Exit Velocity


Craig Minervini, Duke, and the Wet Bandits

The best part of last night happened after a homerun

Five Completely Fictional Duos with Interest in Buying the Marlins

Please clap for the make believe owners we’ll never have

Fanpost: Ranking your most favorite to least favorite baseball teams

Our first Fanpost prompt!

The Miami Marlins Nickname List

A comprehensive list covering the each member of the 40-man roster

Baseball experts react via twitter to Loria reportedly selling the team

During a boring offseason, you can always count on Jeffrey Loria to liven it up

Marlins Twitter reacts

The response from the community

Dan Jennings's First Lineup (Satire)

If Dan Jennings is the new manager...why not see if he works elsewhere?

Hypothetical Marlins Spelling Bee

What would happen if there was a spelling bee held with the names on the Miami Marlins roster?

Hypothetical arm wrestling with Giancarlo Stanton

What would happen when your average Joe goes up against the best power hitter in the game?

Marlins prospect Christian Yelich is really young

It turns out Christian Yelich looks really young. Like, high school young. Is that a good thing? Is it a funny thing?

Fish Stripes Caption Contest: Sanabia is surprised

The Miami Marlins did not get a chance to play tonight, but you get a chance to play a game we left a while ago: the Fish Stripes Caption Contest! Our special guest, Alex Sanabia!

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