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Mitchell Custer is a Florida State University law school graduate. He is a baseball enthusiast, with a focus on advanced statistics and contracts. Mitchell is proficient in speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish.

How an understanding of advanced statistics has increased my appreciation of baseball

And how it can increase yours, too

Newton’s Third Law vs. Marlins High-Leverage Pitching

What goes up, must come down.

Is Marlins Park unnecessarily big?

Many fans seem frustrated by the team’s low-scoring offense. But is bringing the fences in (again) the right solution, or do the Marlins just need better players?

The curious case of Magneuris Sierra

Despite being one year more veteran, Sierra has regressed considerably in 2018.

Lewis Brinson, through the lens of Expected wOBA

Now let’s talk about Lewis Brinson. Can we talk about Lewis Brinson please, guys? I’ve been dying to talk about Lewis Brinson with you all summer.

Attempting to interpret “Jeter Marlins’” latest legal stunt

Why characterizing the Marlins as a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands makes more sense than the mainstream media would suggest.

José Ureña on the edge of glory

Ureña has the tools to become a bona fide ace. What does he need to do to take the next step?

Marlins 5, Yankees 8: ST Game 23 Recap

Marlins play well, but come up short.

2018 Positional Preview: Outfielders

The biggest shoes to fill lie in the outfield grass. Who will fill them?

2018 Positional Preview: First Basemen

The Marlins have a surplus of beef at first base this year