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Chris Coghlan: Rookie of the Year Award Robbery?

We look back at the 2009 NL ROY winner thirteen years on with less-than-glowing admiration.

Jesse Winker: Worth Trading For?

The Reds outfielder is fresh off his first All-Star appearance in 2021.

Fun With Numbers: DRS and the 2021 Marlins

The bats may not have thumped, but Miami sure flashed the leather in 2021.

A Unique Twist on a Possible Ketel Marte Blockbuster

The Marlins should be exploring all their options for acquiring the versatile, 28-year-old Diamondbacks star.

Louis’ 2022 Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot

The BBWAA will announce the results of upcoming ballot on January 25th.

Who Will Win the WAR?

Who, if anyone, could surpass Giancarlo Stanton as Miami’s career leader in WAR?

Revisiting Gary Sheffield’s Case for Cooperstown

2022 will be the right fielder’s eighth year on the ballot.

When the Marlins Could’ve Had Mike Trout

Instead, they drafted left-hander Chad James, seven picks ahead of the iconic Angels outfielder.

Who Ya Got: Kyle Schwarber or Nick Castellanos?

Schwarber and Castellanos, both in the primes of their careers, will still be available on the free agent market when the MLB lockout ends.

How Miami Could Pull off a Matt Olson Trade

Oakland’s first baseman is set to hit free agency following the 2023 season.