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Down the Dorsal: Ozzie Guillen Had No Chill, Even in Spring Training

Fish Stripes rewinds to the first ejection of Guillen’s tenure as Marlins manager.

Today, we’re looking back at March 12, 2012. Just a boring Spring Training game between the Miami Marlins and Boston Red Sox, right? Well, there’s nothing boring about having Ozzie Guillen as your manager.

In the top of the sixth inning, a soft grounder to the right side is fielded by the Boston first baseman in foul territory. Foul ball.

Everybody’s ready to move on to the next pitch...everybody except for Ozzie. He storms out of the dugout and gets in the face of the first base umpire, then has some words for the opposing pitcher and third base ump. Red Sox skipper Bobby Valentine is loving every moment of it.

What kind of manager do you think Skip Schumaker will be in his first Marlins season?

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