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Down the Dorsal: Jazz Chisholm Jr. Showed Phil Cuzzi Who’s Boss

Fish Stripes rewinds to one of Chisholm’s most memorable Marlins home runs.

The second episode of Down the Dorsal features one of my favorite players: Jazz Chisholm Jr.

On April 21, the Miami Marlins were playing the St. Louis Cardinals. Jazz came up for his fourth at-bat of the game and fell behind in the count after two questionable called strikes by home plate umpire Phil Cuzzi. In between pitches, Cuzzi starts dogging him to get back in the box. Jazz responded by crushing a hanging slider for a two-run homer and celebrating accordingly.

Big peace sign from Jazz. Huge ballsy, gutsy moment. The home run after being dogged by the umpire like that. He was soaring, that’s for sure. All his emotion really upsets some of the old-fashioned baseball heads, but I’m a huge supporter.

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