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2023 Miami Marlins Spring Training Schedule Released

MLB: Spring Training-St. Louis Cardinals at Miami Marlins Rhona Wise-USA TODAY Sports

A week after Major League Baseball announced its 2023 regular season schedule, we have the spring training details, and there is a lot to take in. Because the World Baseball Classic overlaps with spring training, some of those countries will be sharing facilities with MLB teams.

The Marlins’ opening game of Grapefruit League competition will be against the New York Mets on February 25th in Port St. Lucie. The Marlins will also see some new opponents this time around with the Tampa Bay Rays, Boston Red Sox, and a WBC team (still to be determined which one). The tournament’s Miami-based Pool D will include the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Israel, Venezuela, and a qualifier team.

The Marlins have posted a winning percentage of .500 or better in each of the last five springs. Can they keep the streak alive?

Home Games

The Marlins will be playing 15 spring home games. Keep in mind that Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium is also the spring home of the St. Louis Cardinals. Naturally, they have a lot of head-to-head games to make things convenient.

Florida Marlins right fielder Brian Anderson (15) waits at the plate for catcher Jacob Stallings (58) after scoring on a double by left fielder Jorge Soler (12) (not pictured) against the St. Louis Cardinals in the second inning during spring training at Roger Dean Stadium. Rhona Wise-USA TODAY Sports

2/26/2023 (Sunday) v. St. Louis Cardinals

2/28/2023 (Tuesday) v. Boston Red Sox

3/1/2023 (Wednesday) v. New York Mets

3/4/2023 (Saturday) v. New York Mets

3/7/2023 (Wednesday) v. Washington Nationals

3/8/2023 (Thursday) v. A World Baseball Classic Team

3/11/2023 (Saturday) v. Tampa Bay Rays

3/13/2023 (Monday) v. New York Mets

3/14/2023 (Tuesday) v. Houston Astros (Split Squad for Houston)

3/15/2023 (Wednesday) v. Washington Nationals

3/17/2023 (Friday) v. St. Louis Cardinals (Split Squad for Miami)

3/19/2023 (Saturday) v. Houston Astros

3/22/2023 (Wednesday) v. St. Louis Cardinals

3/24/2023 (Friday) v. Houston Astros

3/26/2023 (Sunday) v. Washington Nationals (Split Squad for Miami)

Away Games

MLB: Spring Training-St. Louis Cardinals at Miami Marlins Rhona Wise-USA TODAY Sports

2/25/2023 (Saturday) v. New York Mets

2/27/2023 (Monday) v. Houston Astros

3/2/2023 (Thursday) v. Washington Nationals

3/3/2023 (Friday) v. St. Louis Cardinals

3/5/2023 (Sunday) v. Boston Red Sox

3/6/2023 (Monday) v. Tampa Bay Rays

3/10/2023 (Friday) v. Washington Nationals

3/12/2023 (Sunday) v. Houston Astros

3/17/2023 (Friday) v. New York Mets (Split Squad for Miami)

3/18/2023 (Saturday) v. Washington Nationals

3/20/2023 (Monday) v. St. Louis Cardinals

3/21/2023 (Tuesday) v. Houston Astros

3/25/2023 (Saturday) v. St. Louis Cardinals

3/26/2023 (Sunday) v. New York Mets (Split Squad for Miami)

It’s exciting to see so many games on the schedule after this year’s spring training had to be condensed due to the lockout. For fans, this is the first opportunity to see new faces up close—the Marlins are expected to go after more big bats over the offseason and we all know Don Mattingly is coming to the end of his contract, so there could be a different manager in the dugout.

Additional details about start times and tickets sales will be available soon at Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium’s website. You can trust Fish Stripes to provide the best coverage of Marlins camp as another new season approaches.