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How to Play Bitcoin Casino Baccarat

This elegant card game dates back centuries and has grown in popularity over the years. When Fleming wrote the novel about 007 Agent, it was an incredibly popular game, so it’s no surprise that he was the one who got Bond to play it. Even though this game is not as popular today as before, there is still a large community of baccarat fans around the world. If you are still not involved in gambling and want to start your journey with this game – we will explain how to do it at a bitcoin casino.

How to play baccarat at a bitcoin casino?

Baccarat is a casino game that is often associated with high rollers and luxury. However, it is very easy to play! The purpose of the bitcoin baccarat online is to get as close to nine points as possible. The player with the closest hand to nine points wins. There are three different types of bets in baccarat: Punto, Banco, or Draw. The Punto bet has an edge over the house of about 1%, and the Banco bet—about 0.95%. Betting on a draw has a house edge of about 14%, so we highly recommend not to choose it!

There are six strategies that imply competent bank management, which means they will not lead to large losses and unintentional expenses:

  1. Flat strategy—the percentage of the bet depends on the player himself, the bankroll remains stable in any case;
  2. Grind strategy—you can make a fixed bet. Let’s say 5% of your deposit. In case of a successful bet, you can increase the amount;
  3. D’Alembert’s strategy—according to this scheme, you will manage the bank as follows: if you win, reduce the bet by $1, if you lose, increase it by $1;
  4. Martingale strategy—according to this tactic, you need to double the amount of the bet every time you lose. There is a special principle here: if you lose, then you have a chance not only to return the amount of the bet back, but also to double the winnings;
  5. The Paroli strategy is fundamentally different from Martingale: the bet should be increased after each win. Usually, the progression of the amount is calculated in advance. For example, 1-2-3-6;
  6. Strategy 1324—is a certain system in which you need to follow the sequence: 1, 3, 2, and 4.

Before using any of the proposed strategies, one rule must be considered: the player does not change the strategy during the game, except for one episode: when he decides who to bet on.

Tips for playing baccarat

Even if you are an experienced player and play baccarat with your eyes closed, you should not lose your vigilance. That is why we suggest you to follow the below recommendations:

1. Read the terms and conditions carefully before playing

Sometimes a superficial knowledge of the rules deprives the pleasure of the game. Each institution has its own vision of situations and rates. Be sure to check with the casino representatives whether there is a commission from your winnings.

2. Manage your bank wisely

Bankroll in baccarat is the budget that a player can spend during the session. Typically, for baccarat, the bank is fixed, and a specific percentage is allocated for the bet. Since many strategies involve increasing bets, it’s best to be practical about your bankroll. Stick to only one chosen strategy. If you see that the strategy is not leading you where you would like, end the game. The one who left on time is also a winner.

3. Don’t forget bonuses

Different institutions have their own rules in this regard. This is especially true for online casinos. It would be a shame if all bonuses in baccarat were originally virtual and the money cannot be withdrawn to the card. Such small pitfalls are quite common, so pay attention to every detail.

4. The element of luck

No matter if you stick to certain strategies, there is the element of luck. You can stick to the strategy and be sure that this bet is the best in your life, and it will lose. Treat it philosophically, with a little humor. Luck loves it.

5. Keep emotions under control and stick to the plan

Perhaps there is nothing worse than getting distracted and completely deviating from the intended plan. Do not make impulsive decisions. Set yourself a limit on the game – as soon as the goal is reached, do not tease your luck, it’s better to end the round.