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Golf Bag Accessories: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

We bet you’re tired of reading golf posts about equipment. “Which driver is better?”, “which set of irons should you buy”, and “which putter will help you make more putts?” Of course, you need golf clubs to play the game, but we think golf bag accessories are how you personalize your golf course experience.

Golf bag accessories add spice to your game. They can help you shoot a lower score or simply make your round more fun. When it comes to the golf bag accessories that you invest in, there are no wrong answers. If it fits your style of play, go for it.

Do you know how you know you’ve picked the perfect golf bag accessory? All of a sudden, all of your golfing buddies start using the same product. Be a trendsetter! Not sure where to start? We can help. Below we’ve highlighted our favorite golf bag accessories.

Top Golf Bag Accessories We Love

Golf Rangefinder

Golfers used to have to figure out their yardage the hard way. It was a multi-step process. Find a yardage marker. Count the number of strides between the marker and their ball. Do some quick math. Assess the pin location (front, middle, back). Do a little more math. As you can imagine, this could take a couple of minutes.

This all changed with the golf rangefinder. Simply point, shoot the flag, and read the results. This golf bag accessory can save you minutes on every shot and is far more accurate. Unless you have a personal golf caddy, you need a golf rangefinder.

There are plenty of options available, but we like the Bushnell V5 Laser Rangefinder. Bushnell is the top golf rangefinder brand on the market and this product has features you will love.

Golf Valuables Pouch

Where do you put your keys, watch, phone, and wallet when you play golf? Far too many golfers simply throw these items in their golf bag which can lead to them getting damaged or even lost. Trust us, you don’t want to be the person in the parking lot frantically looking for their car keys. This is a frustrating way to finish your day at the golf course.

Don’t risk it. Get a golf valuables pouch to protect your personal items while on the course. We like the Nickle Bag by Sunday Golf. Attach it to your bag and you will never have to worry about your valuables again. Now you can focus on shooting lower scores.

Bluetooth Speaker

Music on the golf course used to be frowned upon, but over the last few years, it has become popular. If you’re playing with someone you don’t know, you may want to ask if it bothers them before you crank the volume.

This is a great way to have more fun on the golf course. You can relax while putting to soothing tunes or dance your way down the fairway. Look for a product that can easily snap onto the side of your golf bag and enjoy. We like the WonderBoom 2 by Ultimate Ears. Great sound, plenty of volume, and easily attaches to your golf bag or push cart. More good news, it’s waterproof, so you don’t have to worry if you get caught in a shower on the back 9.

Golf Divot Tool

We have a simple mantra. Leave the golf course better than you found it. This means you should always rake the bunkers, sand divots in the fairway, and repair the greens prior to putting. In fact, we believe in the “make 1, fix 2” rule on the green. If you make a divot, fix two divots. All golfers enjoy playing on perfect greens and you can help make that a reality for the players behind you.

Yes, you can fix divots on the green with a golf tee, but you’ll do a better job if you have a golf divot tool. The best thing about this golf accessory is it won’t cost you much to buy. We like the Fusion 2.5 by Pitchfix. It makes it easy to fix your divot, it has a ball marker and even a pencil sharpener. Who knows, maybe a golfer behind you rolls in a birdie because you took the time to properly repair the green. We can all use some positive karma on the golf course.

Groove Cleaner

Most golfers know that their golf clubs will perform better if they’re clean and dry, but many forget about the grooves on their irons. The grooves need to be clean if you hope to control your iron shots and spin back your wedges. Tiny specks of dirt, sand, or grass can be the difference between a birdie and a bogey.

If only there was a golf bag accessory that could help golfers with this problem. Oh yeah, we know of one. Attach a groove cleaner to your golf bag and quickly clean them after each shot. Our favorite is the GrooveItBrush. Easy to use and effective. Never try to hit an approach shot with dirty grooves.

Golf Bag Accessories: Improve Your Experience & Lower Your Scores

Golf bag accessories fall into two different categories. They help you play better or allow you to have more fun on the course. There’s tremendous value in both categories. Above, we’ve shared our favorite items, but each golfer is unique. You’ll need to determine the best golf bag accessories for you.

Ask yourself a few simple questions. Do you care more about your final score or your on-course experience? Are you a serious golfer that enjoys grinding for every stroke or are you simply looking to get outside and enjoy time with friends? There are no wrong answers, but you should pick your golf bag accessories based on how you play the game.

The good news is that most golf bag accessories aren’t expensive. You can build your collection over time. You don’t need to rush out and buy them all today. Do you use a golf bag accessory that we didn’t mention? Tell us about it! Good luck and play well.