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Key And Locksmith - Quick Solutions by Eddie and Sons Locksmith - Manhattan, NY

Are you a resident of Manhattan, NY and you need a fast key and locksmith service, Eddie and Sons Locksmith has you covered. Are you just moving into a new home or office apartment, or you are renovating and you need your locks checked, we are your go-to company. Our key and locksmith service is here to offer you the best service when it comes to lock installation, key cutting, and copying, and automotive, residential, and commercial services. Once we arrive at your location, we will inspect your apartment and give you useful information on which locks, and keys to use. We will give you different options and then let you decide based on your budget. Eddie and Sons Locksmith is available for you.

Lock Rekey At Its Best

A key & locksmith expert can help you with a lot of things when it comes to home, office, and auto locksmith services. If you just moved into a new apartment, whether newly built or someone packed out. If you moved into a new office apartment, one of the smartest things to do is visit website for locksmiths and book an appointment with Eddie and Sons Locksmith. When you get in touch with us, we will come over to your new place and inspect your locks. Most of the time, people do refuse to call a locksmith near me because they fear the cost of a lock replacement. However, we have a better and more cost-effective solution, which is lock rekey. With lock rekey, we won’t have to change your locks, we will just change the pin in the locks to work with new keys. Visit website today.

Swift Key Replacement

There are several reasons you may need to change your keys. Probably you misplace them and you fear that they may get into the wrong hands, or maybe it’s broken. You may need to replace your keys because the current one is aged. Whichever reasons, Eddie and Sons locksmith can help you out. You can follow us online to get the latest updates on our quick and effective services. We offer key replacements for cars, homes, and offices. We have the tools to cut you a new and more durable key without the hassle and you would be glad you hired us. After we help you cut your keys, we will help you make several duplicates of them so that when you misplace one, you can pick another. Follow us because Our key and locksmith are the best.

Lockout Solutions During Emergencies

If you are in any kind of lock and key emergency in your home, office, or your car, our key and locksmith service are available for you at any time. Probably you misplaced your home keys and now you can’t get back in. Or you lock yourself out of your car and you are stranded on a lonely road, we are here for you always and you can count on us. If you are locked out of your home because you lost the keys, we will help you with keyless entry and we will cut you a new key on the spot. If you are stranded on the roadside because your car door won’t open, the key and locksmith will be there to help you look into it and in no time, we will get you back in.

Professional Lock Repair

Our key and locksmith are the best when it comes to lock repair in Manhattan, NY. People do run from getting in touch with locksmiths because they are not ready for the cost of changing a lock. However, some locks only need simple repair and fixing, when our key and locksmith get over there, everything will be sorted out.

Eddie and Sons Locksmith - Manhattan, NY

New York, NY 10011

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