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How to determine the winner in the tennis final?

Tennis betting requires a certain amount of understanding and experience from players to be profitable for the latter. Pre-match analytics remains an important factor in winning sports betting. It should be treated responsibly, taking into account every nuance before placing a bet.

Players can use various betting strategies, such as betting on a live game or betting on an underdog on sets with a handicap. At the same time, players still need to choose a tournament on which it would be rational to bet. At, players can bet on the ATP finals at every opportunity. The bookmaker offers to use the mobile version or application so that bets are always at arm’s length. Only a few minutes separate the player from receiving large dividends on the deposit.

Features of pre-match analytics

When betting on tennis, players can choose among several of the most popular outcomes:

  • bet on the winner;
  • stake on statistics;
  • bet on handicap or total.

Before making a bet, the player will need to collect as much information as possible. First of all, you need to find out the venue of the tournament, which will determine the type of coverage. Each athlete has his preferences in terms of the choice of coverage. In modern tennis, clay, grass, or synthetic surfaces are usually found. In the Grand Slam tournament, it is forbidden to use carpet, while clay and grass become the main areas for fights.

How are the coatings different?

Each coating has certain features that you should pay attention to. The type of coverage affects such a parameter as the rebound of the ball. If the ground is used for the game, then the rebound will be smoother. The high rebound from the ground makes the serve less important, so the skill of the players becomes a decisive factor in determining the winner. The duration of the game on clay also significantly exceeds the duration of the match on grass courts. At the same time, clay has advantages that more technical players can take advantage of, as well as those who are ready for a long and hard fight psychologically.

On a grass court, the service becomes the determining factor. If a tennis player has a powerful serve, then he will be able to achieve more in the match on the appropriate surface. The low and fast rebound from the grass surface allows for a faster determination of the winner, which usually takes up to 4 hits. Hardcourt is the middle ground between grass and clay courts. For most professional players, this surface seems to be preferable, as it can be used to see the real strength of each tennis player on the court.

In addition to coverage, bettors also need to analyze such an indicator as player rating. The ranking is an important item when it comes to tennis. The difference between tournament participants meeting on the court can be huge. For this reason, their position in the ranking allows you to objectively assess the chances of winning. At the same time, do not forget about the importance of such an item as coverage. Even a favorite can show a mediocre game, speaking on the wrong court, while a beginner can demonstrate amazing efficiency on “his” surface. Player motivation also needs to be considered. It has a direct impact on the outcome of each match.