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Why greyhound racing is popular around the world


Most people will say that racing is mostly for humans on foot, racehorses, and vehicles like cars and motorcycles. While those are the most popular choices, you should also look at greyhound racing which is a unique kind of racing.

Greyhound racing is popular around the world but its main market has always been the United Kingdom. In the 20th century, greyhound racing managed to draw more than 70 million people watching every year. That is a considerable amount for this kind of racing because most people know that horse racing is the most popular format.

Betting on the greyhound races was such a popular activity back then people flocked to the UK just to watch and bet on the matches. Now, greyhound dog racing is still massively popular around the world which has left some people wondering how it became such a prominent sport.

Now, let’s take a look at what makes greyhound dog racing such a popular sport and its biggest strengths.

Greyhounds are uniquely talented in racing

Greyhounds are mostly connected to Greece but animal experts have said that the dog breed originated in the Middle East. Nomadic people reportedly bred the greyhounds which further strengthened the dog’s physical attributes since they were mostly bred with each other. The pure greyhounds were typically the top performers which prompted people interested in racing these greyhounds to keep the pedigrees pure.

In the UK, greyhound racing started around 1776 due to the opening of the Swaffham course. This was not purely a greyhound racing ground because horses were also accepted at the same time. The two sports became popular almost immediately which led to people looking to breed more greyhounds so they can compete in the races.

The greyhounds were faster than any other dog because they had sleek bodies and their foot speed was much better than almost any other land animal. It also helped that the greyhounds’ owners help the dogs train for the races which paid off for loads of trainer-dog partnerships.

Since the race is mostly around 800 yards, you can see those greyhounds are truly rapid. They will sprint from the starting area to the finish line which is admirable because other racing formats have parts where they slow down to catch a breath or stabilise their strides.

Greyhound racing is entertaining

Almost any type of racing has its entertaining merits but greyhound racing is arguably one of the most exciting. These dogs love to sprint and even if they are not as disciplined as humans and horses, those sloppy mechanics make it even better.

It is believed that the greyhound is one of the fastest animals in the world which you can see with their peak speed of 43 miles per hour. It is not the second-fastest land animal in the world which was a misconception in the 20th century and earlier when the popular notion was that it was just behind the cheetah. However, with the greyhounds’ speed, it is exciting to see them race because you can see these dogs accelerating at unreal speeds on the track.

These greyhounds have solid prey drives which means that when they are focused, you can truly see them accelerate and run at their peak speed. Most dogs have this but some breeds are just focused on getting food or chasing around squirrels, birds, or cats. Greyhounds are much more focused because trainers use lures to bait the greyhound into racing and then they will be conditioned to do so moving forward.

Betting on the races is extremely fun

When you look at the betting markets, you can see that horse and greyhound racing are mainstays. The racing format lends itself to becoming one of the most appealing markets because there is a good chance that you can win loads of rewards if you pick the right option. Hopefully, more people can realise that these races are extremely fun to bet on because the races are thrilling and winning bets is a special feeling.

Greyhound racing itself has stood out because people want to see the fastest dogs race. It is not as deep as the horse racing industry but watching the dogs prove their mettle in the speed department is fun. When you are looking for a betting market to bite into, you should look at greyhound dog racing and its events. It will be a decision that you won’t regret seeing that it’s such a fun time to bet on this.