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Best Study Books to Prepare for Microsoft 98-382 Exam

With a good number of published books to choose from, it’s never easy finding the best one for your test revision. Getting a good book that is worth using your time is important. This post covers the AZ-104 Practice Test that you can use as a part of your preparation for the Microsoft 98-382 test. You will also learn some vital details about the exam and its prerequisites. Keep reading the post.

Important Test Information

The 98-382 exam is an entry-level test that you need to take and pass to become eligible for the MTA: Introduction to Programming Using AZ-500 Practice Test. The evaluation equips you with a comprehension of how to write code in the JavaScript programming language, where the code has to be syntactically correct. Awareness of data types that JavaScript supports as well as recognizing and writing code capable of solving a particular challenge are among other competencies that you will acquire through this assessment.

During the AZ-900 Practice Test, you will need to answer about 40-60 questions within 45 minutes. The passing score you should get to be accepted for accreditation is 700 points and above. To register for the test, the candidates are required to pay a fee of $127. This sum is subject to change depending on the region where the test is taken. It is worth noting that the test retires on 30th June 2022. It means that those who booked the exam by 30th June 2021 are the only ones who will be allowed to take it since June 2022.

Test Prerequisites

Candidates purposing to clear the MD-100 Practice Test evaluation need to have gone through training or practical experience of not less than 100 hours with JavaScript. Also, familiarity with the JavaScript features and capabilities is important.

Best Study Books for the 98-382 Exam

The best books that you can utilize during your studies for the 98-382 evaluation are as follows:

  • JavaScript for Beginners: The Complete Modern Guide to Start Learning Quickly & Easily JavaScript Language, Coding & Program with Tips & Tricks

The book, whose author is Leonard Base, is dedicated to beginners who wish to become great programmers. It includes a systematic approach to learning basic code. It covers basic programming, JavaScript basics, MS-100 Practice Test features, choosing the right IDE, strings, operators, and sample applications. Also covered are subjects like data types, how to write your first program, and variables. You can find this book on the Amazon website.

  • JavaScript: The Definitive Guide: Master the World’s Most Used Programming Language

This book is also available on the Amazon platform and is ideal for anyone wishing to learn the programming language that’s mostly used. It is authored by David Flanagan and covers crucial details about the JavaScript language. Among other things, readers will discover about types, variables, operators, functions, and JavaScript standard library, including data structures and regular expressions. So, anyone reading for the 98-382 test will benefit a lot from the deep content of this guide.

  • Head First JavaScript Programming: A Brain-Friendly Guide

This is a friendly book for anyone intending to pursue the 98-382 evaluation. It instructs you on all you require to comprehend the basic as well as advanced topics regarding JavaScript. It’s composed by Eric Freeman and Elisabeth Robson. The key subjects covered in this book include JavaScript details, JavaScript types, the working of JavaScript with the browser, functions, writing & testing applications, and more. Check the Amazon website to get it.


The knowledge and skills related to JavaScript are what you need to be equipped with to be a valuable specialist in the IT job market. Exam AZ-400 Practice Test from Microsoft will assist you in that. Using at least one of the books mentioned in this article for your exam preparation will considerably enhance your chances of success. So, all you need to do is to pick the one you prefer and get down to your studies. Good luck!