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Interesting facts about slots bonus games to know

Video slots are quite entertaining titles. They might feature unique themes, music, sound & graphical effect, and requirements, which make playing more enjoyable. One of the most appreciated features of online games is the slot game bonus option. For those who play such games online, it should be interesting to learn more about such features. That is why we are glad to introduce our short guide on slots with bonus rounds. You will find out how they work, what benefits they bring, and more.

In a nutshell, these are special slot machines that provide gamers with the opportunity to multiply winning amounts or to hit even more completely for free. There are a lot of diverse types of such games, and we are going to discuss them later. What you must know about such types of mini-games is that they may save your budget and even multiply it, representing no wagering requirements. Many of them are available on Hurry up to try your luck, paying no money for the attempts on a browser-based gambling platform!

How do they work?

Slots with bonus games are different and their engines work differently. But they all have one common goal - to provide gamers with the opportunity to win cash without placing real-money bets.

Such games may provide different rewards and perks. Usually, such perks don’t exceed 250,000 coins. However, in specific cases, some winning amounts may reach up to 999,999 coins. The common feature for all slots is that the biggest possible bonus cannot be higher than the jackpot of the mini-game.

On the whole, bonus rounds guarantee you that you will hit more cash or at least won’t lose anything because of the attempt to do this. This means such bonuses have no cons for ordinary players.

How to trigger them

Basically, every browser-based gambling platform displays mini-games where bonus games might be activated. To do this, gamers just need to place special symbols on the reels. Such symbols are called scatters. If you manage to land 3 of them anywhere, you will activate one of the bonus features of the slot. Scatters differ from other symbols, and you can learn more about their specific features in a certain game.

There are also special icons called bonus symbols. You don’t need to trigger them matching - any spot on the reels might be appropriate for the activation of basic perks.

If you want to get better familiar with how such rewards actually work, you should try some free slot games with bonus features.

Diversification of bonus features

Modern gambling platforms and developers offer many different features with prizes. Many of them have a lot in common. Here, in the list below, we have some of the most frequently used bonuses.

  • Gamble Feature - you are represented with the free try to guess one of two icons. The playing continues until you guess wrong.
  • Free spins - you have several additional attempts to click the “spin” button and win more money without paying real costs. The amount of unpaid spins might be different for every slot.
  • Re-spins - the machine will automatically make one more unpaid spin that may result in an additional reward.
  • Pick me - you just pick up a few icons from the represented set. Each icon gives a different prize.
  • Instant Win - this feature does not provide you with additional rounds, you just get your prize instantly after hitting a required icon. In many cases, this is money added to your game balance.
  • Extra wilds - additional wild symbols don’t change their spots during the entire round.
  • Pathway game - you increase the potential prize after getting through every stage of the game.
  • Cascades - cascades destroy more symbols on the table, providing you with the triggered prizes and with a bigger number of spots that can be filled with other icons.
  • Hold n’ Spin - this feature allows players to make certain symbols frozen at specific positions for the following round. It increases the chances to benefit from those icons.
  • Multi-Level - this feature is common to the pick me bonus, but here you can also move to the higher level with bigger prizes hidden behind the symbols.
  • Pick a Box - you pick one box that contains a few valuable prizes.
  • Wilds - if a wild is landed on the reels, it can substitute any icon to make it match the neighboring ones.
  • Spinning Wheel - you spin the wheel and get a prize displayed on one of the sectors of this wheel.

Best bonus round slots

If you want to get familiar with a complete list of attractive bonus games, you should go to this page and check it out. Here we have 5 best bonus slots you have to try.

  • Book Of Oz, developed by Microgaming.
  • Mystery Museum, developed by Push Gaming.
  • Legacy of Dead, developed by Play’n Go.
  • Gigantoonz, developed by I Play’n Go.
  • Dracula™, developed by NetEnt.

All these games have two things in common. Firstly, these are very entertaining games designed by some of the most reputable software providers. You can not just win money with them, but have a lot of fun as well. Secondly, all of them have very rewarding bonus features with impressive prizes.

Why play slots with bonus rounds?

Now, when you know how slots with bonuses work, it should seem obvious to you why it’s better to play games with additional prizes. This is a perfect chance for every gamer to increase winnings, paying no additional costs for that. Besides, this is a very good way to spend your free time. You don’t need to go anywhere to boost your emotions - just access your browser and enter the name of your favorite fruit machine!


In conclusion, we encourage you to play slots on casino platforms but remember that you shouldn’t become addicted to gambling. This is just a form of online entertainment that may indeed damage your mental health if you don’t play wisely. Rely on trusted providers, play funny slots for free, use bonuses and good luck!