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The 3 Biggest Baseball Betting Wins

Racegoers Attend The Randox Health Grand National Festival - Day Two Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

One of the biggest sports in the US, behind the NFL and NBA, is MLB - Major League Baseball. Now that sports betting is opening up in the US, it is one of the most popular sports to bet on - and boy, are some people getting some big wins. The most popular types of bets available are Moneyline bets - betting on the winner, spread bets, totals and futures. Some even offer ‘draw no bet markets’ (which you can find out more about in this guide), which is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want the added risk of that third outcome.

Baseball has a strong history of sports betting in the US - and here we will look at the biggest baseball betting wins of all time…

A Big Bet on the St Louis Cardinals

This big win came about in 2011 when the St Louis Cardinals shattered the dreams of the Texas Rangers and their loyal followers. They were just one strike away from defeat, but pulled back at the very last minute, winning Game 6. This means they tied the series 3-3.

However, this merely set the stage for Game 7- which sent the Rangers reeling. The Rangers staff were already celebrating victory - but not for long.

The Cardinals ended up winning game 7 - and the World Series, finally becoming the Champions. However, someone else was celebrating on the sidelines… The anonymous gambler who went to MGM in Vegas and placed two very good bets.

This very savvy soul put a $35 bet on the team to win the National League Pennant - and they put an even better bet on the Cardinals to win the World Series. These two bets, totalling $500 would end up cashing no less than $375 - not a bad return on investment.

Vegas Dave Goes Crazy for Kansas

Before Vegas Dave sold baseball cards for big money, he made big bets on baseball. His most memorable moment was in the 2015 season, after just one week of action when he felt ready to place a futures bet on the World Series winner.

The Kansas City Royals flew off the starting blocks and won the first 7 games - not bad, but not unheard of in baseball. This was all Dave needed to make his decision - and ignore those who thought he was mad. He knew that right then, there was value to be had on that bet. At the time, the odds were 30/1, enough for a decent return on even a small wager. But Dave didn’t do small. Instead, he bet $140k over a dozen different Las Vegas sportsbooks. They get through to the finals and beat the NY Mets in five games, netting Dave a pretty decent $2.5 million in return.

Riding their Luck

The 2017 World Series was played between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Houston Astros. An anonymous gambler placed a decent bet on Game 1 - and won. The same person put it all in on Game 2… and won again. Sensing they were on a run, this punter kept on going. They made consecutive bets of 5 straight games - winning all 5 and letting it ride to the next. That means that by Game 6, there was a staggering $8 million placed on the Dodgers winning and forcing a Game 7. The LA Dodgers did their job and won our anonymous friend $14 million. This makes it not just the biggest baseball betting win, but the biggest sports betting win of all time.

The Houston Astros went on to win, despite being rocked with cheating allegations, which was confirmed by a former Astros player. However, despite severe penalties, they got to keep their title.

To this day, no one knows who the gambler was, but whoever ‘Let it Ride’ certainly had nerves of steel - and they are probably still sitting pretty, enjoying the payoff!