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Which Baseball Players Love to Gamble?

A general view of the Draft Kings Sportsbook signage during the Major League Baseball game between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Atlanta Braves on April 1, 2021 at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, PA. Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Asking which Major League baseball players love to gamble seems to be an odd question to ask. Don’t players ‘gamble’ every time they go out on the field? Every game has a winning team and a losing team and that’s much the same as gambling, only nothing of value is being wagered, except their pride that is. Many players love to spend their off time at casinos and there is nothing wrong with that. There are no rules against spinning a slots or betting on the horses. Before looking at players who love to gamble, let’s get a closer look at the MLB rules about gambling so that you understand that it is perfectly acceptable for players to gamble – within limits that is.

A Rose by Any Other Name Still Has Thorns

You may remember or have read about the 1989 Pete Rose betting scandal and how he was investigated for betting on the sport in which he was a pro coach for the Cincinnati Reds at the time. You will also remember that the outcome wasn’t good. Rose was accused and later found in violation of league rules. He placed bets on MLB games and that is strictly forbidden. Without getting into all the details, the important point is that it is not against the rules for MLB pros to bet on anything BUT baseball.

There are signs posted in every clubhouse and every locker room that betting on an MLB team they are not affiliated with results in a one-year ban from the sport. To bet on your own team carries a lifetime ban from the sport if you are found in violation of league rules. The outcome speaks for itself. He received a lifetime ban, so obviously he wagered on games his team played.

Casino Sports Betting

You will find that a huge number of pro athletes love to hit the casinos for a bit of sports betting. From Michael Jordan to Charles Barkley, NBA Hall of Famers are renowned gamblers and among those you can see hitting the casinos in Vegas when they are in town. It stands to reason that players, and former players, like to wager on sports because that is something they understand. They have spent a lifetime perfecting their sport, which most likely is what gives them the competitive edge when placing bets.

Two retired baseball pros, Shawn Chacon and Denny McLain, are often seen in casinos. These former players also favour their sport when laying down a wager. These and other retired players also like to hit the online casinos because of the ease at which they can place a bet, especially during a live game until shutoff. Active players also like to make the rounds of online casinos, but they primarily play the slots, poker and other casino games. Betting on baseball is still forbidden of active players so they can choose to bet on other sports or games. Like them, if you wish to find an online casino with slots you can play while watching a game, try this out. You can find a huge assortment of UK based online casinos that regularly add new slots on the Online Casinos review website.

Shawn Chacon

As a pitcher and a right-hand batter, Chacon played on several teams including the Colorado Rockies, New York Yankees and Houston Astros. Chacon likes to wager on sports and now that he is retired, there is nothing wrong with him even placing a bet on baseball. The rule only extends to active pros but that makes perfect sense. After all, how could you be banned from a sport you no longer play?

Denny McLain

This former pro player was also a pitcher and a right-hand batter. He played pro baseball for 10 years and once retired began playing in the casinos – a sport of a different kind. McLain also loved sports betting and like so many others, his favourite bets were on sports.

Casino High Stake Poker Games

While most former MLB players like to stick with sports betting, there are others who will venture away from that from time to time. Let’s look at one of the most beloved former MLB players who can be seen in land-based casinos but is said to also love gambling online.

Alex Rodriguez

As a former third baseman and shortstop, A Rod is one of the most popular retired players not only remembered fondly in the cities for which he played but by baseball fans everywhere. Although Rodriguez most often wagers on the sport he knows so well, A Rod has been known to place a sizeable wager on a high stakes poker game. It is not known if A Rod wagers online, but all indicators are that he probably does. Here’s why.

In recent news, it is reported that Alex Rodriguez is investing in a company within the sports stock market arena. Fans will be able to buy and sell players via a platform being powered by Mojo. Knowing his appreciation for technology within his new venture, it can only be assumed he also espouses sports betting and high stakes poker online.

The Rules Are Changing

It is rumoured that the rules are relaxing in terms of pro players gambling while active. It is still against league rules to place wagers on MLB until a player is retired. However, there may come a time when online wagering could get a foot in the door, allowing players to wager a bit. At least they might relax the rules enough to let players wager on teams other than their own. In order to prevent the sports betting equivalent to insider trading, the rules stand for now.

Technology may advance to a point where active players can gamble a bit more as long as their bets are tracked and made transparent. We are still not at that point, but for MLB players who love to gamble, being able to bet on their sport, if not their team, would keep them excited throughout the season and into the next.