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Which Marlins Prospects could make their MLB debuts as Jeter departure makes the offseason more chaotic

Things are looking rather unclear for the Miami Marlins at the moment, especially in the wake of some rather huge news to have recently emerged from the Major League Baseball organization.

Derek Jeter’s departure

Iconic player Derek Jeter has decided to leave his post as the Marlins’ CEO after spending four-and-a-half years in the position, where he preached patience was required in trying to turn the team around. Admittedly, the figures that were posted during his tenure were not that great, either, thus highlighting just how big of a job he had on his hands and how difficult it eventually proved to be.

As he oversaw operations of the franchise, Jeter did manage to see the Marlins snap their 17-year postseason drought in 2020, but their overall .400 win percentage (218-327 record) remained one of the worst in baseball at the major league level.

Indeed, the 2022 MLB season has been one that has been full of uncertainty for everyone associated with the sport because of the continued lockout that has been experienced, as the regular season continues to get pushed back further.

However, some have suggested that the timing of Jeter’s decision has come at a rather strange time for the organization, as there is a general excitement and buzz about some of the prospects that the team has available to them once the campaign finally gets underway.

Can the prospects provide Miami with some excitement?

Nonetheless, regardless of whether he was still the CEO or not, based on what had happened last season, we should be able to expect to see a number of Miami’s top prospects make their MLB debuts in the coming campaign once it does begin.

There will be a lot of interest in many of them, though, and whether they will have a positive impact on the side and help them to improve on the field, especially as sports betting starts to sweep the nation and become legal in a number of states in the US.

The Marlins failed to reach the playoffs last season after finishing fourth in the National League East 67–95 record and there will be some who will be looking at the gambling sites that are available to them in order to check out what odds are potentially available if they believe the newest bunch of top prospects can help them out of a slump.

Of course, there will perhaps be fans that will not be expecting the organization to do that much better given the circumstances of what has happened so far in the offseason, but they will also likely be able to enjoy a number of different markets that can be enjoyed, perhaps based on the figures that the prospects that we have identified below are able to post if they go on to make their MLB debuts this season.

So, which prospects have the best opportunity of making a splash for the Miami Marlins this season and get the chance to show everyone what they could potentially offer the MLB moving forward? Let’s take a look at three that have been outlined as the individuals most likely to step up!

1. RHP Max Meyer

For many, it is not a question of if but when regarding Max Meyer and his MLB debut. Many have been excited for some time about the first-round pick from the 2020 MLB Draft out of Minnesota.

He is the No. 30 overall prospect in the whole of baseball and that will have been based on the exceptional figures that he managed to produce in his first professional season last season. He posted a combined 2.27 ERA with a 42:130 BB:K between Double-A and Triple-A.

The only question about Meyer might be in regard to what role he will play and when he will make his debut. Perhaps it is best to see him in the Triple-A to begin with before quickly entering the Major Leagues.

2. OF JJ Bleday

A first-round pick of the 2019 MLB Draft, JJ Bleday came out of Vanderbilt and instantly became one of the top draft prospects in Miami’s system, although it is safe to say that he has struggled since joining the organization to live up to expectations.

Figures include a .695 OPS across 110 games in Double-A last season, although the hype does continue to remain surrounding the outfielder. Of course, a lot of this will be down to the performances that he had in the 2021 Arizona Fall League, where he managed to hit .316/.435/.600 with five home runs and 24 RBI’s across 24 games.

His MLB debut is not as guaranteed as Meyer’s appears to be this season, although it would be a surprise if he did not make it at some point in the season.

3. OF Peyton Burdick

Peyton Burdick is another outfielder who has a lot about him who looks as though he could be a big deal for the Miami Marlins in the upcoming MLB season. Indeed, the third-round pick of the 2019 MLB Draft has shown plenty of potential and talent, having hit .308/.407/.542 with 11 home runs across 69 games in A-Ball.

He was named the Marlins’ Minor League Player of the Year last season as he posted a combined .823 OPS with 23 home runs and reached the Triple-A at the end of the last season. Like Bleday, it might be a case of starting him off in the Triple-A at the beginning of the year, giving him a few more opportunities to see if he can make the step up before placing him in the Major League, especially as internal discussions place him in centerfield.

2022 MLB Season could be extremely interesting for the Miami Marlins

There is no denying that the 2022 MLB season—whenever it begins—will likely be extremely interesting for the Miami Marlins, especially as there is a lot that still needs to be dealt with in the offseason. Nonetheless, the future in regard to individuals on the field certainly looks rather exciting and if the three players mentioned above do make their debuts, then it might be worth keeping an eye on what happens.