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Betting on sports in Florida - all you need to know

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Is sports betting legal in Florida?

It is correct to say that sports wagering is permitted in Florida. However, there isn’t any software to download. After a series of judicial proceedings, the Hard Rock Sportsbook app was shut down in December 2021. It appears that the Tribe intends to appeal. Smartphone sports wagering in Florida was expected to arrive in early 2021 after the state and the Seminole Tribe struck an agreement. When the federal government released a tribe agreement that would authorize sports wagering in Florida, the Department of the Interior gave it the go-ahead.

Choosing the right Sportsbook

Before choosing to sign up with a sportsbook and start to place bets, it is extremely important to know whether the sportsbook of choice meets your betting desires. For this reason, we highly recommend you to carry out your own research by using trustable information sources such as Basketballinsiders insightful guide of the best Florida online sports betting sites that are available, providing in-depth information and detailed reviews by top experts, as to give yourself the opportunity to have the best experience possible. We also recommend that you start off by listing down all the sportsbooks available, carrying out research, and finding any important news on each and every one of them. Does it give welcome bonuses? What are the reviews of this sportsbook? Are they good? These are the sort of questions that you should be asking yourself before taking that big step in your betting journey.

How did we get here?

Sports wagering talks in Florida were conducted almost exclusively behind closed doors, unlike in many other states. In order to bring sports wagering to Florida, the tribe and state would have to come to an agreement on a broader gaming agreement.

When Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a new agreement with the Seminole back in April 2021, he promised to introduce some kind of statewide smartphone betting to the State. The agreement was authorized by state lawmakers back in May 2021, and the federal Department of the Interior permitted it to go through without specific permission back in August 2021.

That action is expected to raise difficulties about the legal scope of mobile sports wagering under tribal gaming laws. Lawsuits are also being brought by community organizations, saying that sports wagering in Florida breaches a constitutional amendment that must be approved by the people.

Florida sports betting law

The tribe treaty signed in 2021 serves as the legal basis for sports wagering in Florida.

The Seminole Indians would split 13.75 percent of sports wagering earnings with the state if they establish agreements with at least 3 parimutuel providers in the span of three months.

A pari-mutuel skin would be allowed, but only if it was placed on the Seminole network. As a result, that overall revenue could rise by 2% without any of those arrangements being in place. Sports wagering pari-mutuels would retain 40% of all money generated by sports wagering.

Are Florida Retail Sportsbooks operational?

The Seminole Tribe inked an agreement back in May 2021 for smartphone sports betting exclusively, therefore there are no retail sportsbooks functioning in the state of Florida at the moment.

Even though the Hard Rock Sportsbook app was supposed to go live on November 1st, the future of mobile sports wagering in Florida is still uncertain due to a legal battle involving the introduction of the Hard Rock Sportsbooks application.

Latest Florida Sports Betting News

A court battle between Secretary Deb Haaland and the West Flagler Associates has ended and smartphone sports wagering is no longer legal in Florida.

Last month, the US District Court declared that the Seminole Tribe’s agreement with the state of Florida must be annulled, and as a result, the tribe has been compelled to remove the Hard Rock Sportsbook mobile app after its appeal was rejected.

On Saturday, December 4th, the application was taken offline, and it is currently unknown when sports wagering will be available in Florida.

If the decision of the lawsuit is anything to go by, pari-mutuel providers in Florida alleged that the agreement breaches the IGR Act.

An effort to legalize sports gambling was launched after smartphone betting was shut down, but the effort fell short of the number of signatures needed to be put on the November ballot in California.

It appears that smartphone sports wagering will not be available in Florida until at least 2023, which is bad news for people who want to wager on sports online in this state.

FAQ on sports betting in Florida

1. Will smartphone FL sports betting be allowed?

Yes. The state of Florida is expected to introduce smartphone sports betting. Sports betting via smartphones is included in the agreement reached by all parties.

Although the legality of such a move is yet unknown, it may have to be examined by a judge before it can go into effect.

2. Who can bet on sports in Florida?

In Florida, sports wagering is open to everyone who is at least 21 years old.

Players, coaches, trainers, and referees from college and professional sports teams are likely to be excluded consumers. Neither would be allowed to officiate.

3. There are some sports betting websites that say they accept bets from the United States. Are those legal options?

No. Federal licensing of sportsbooks is still unavailable, hence all American sportsbooks are presently licensed at the state level. Any site that implies that wagering from the United States is legal is run by individuals located outside the country. Individual websites are not allowed to accept wagers from US people, and they do not guarantee any security to all those who gamble on them.