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Most Popular Payment Methods for Online Entertainment

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Credit/Debit Banking Cards

It is hard to find a casino site that won’t accept credit cards as a payment option. While major cards like VISA and MasterCard are always available it is not uncommon to find more local solutions like the UK card Solo. Casinos don’t mind that players use credit cards but the player himself might find that this method is actually a very bad one.

Buying credits for gaming online is not evaluated by the credit card issuer as buying a pair of shoes or even a vacation. The online gaming business is considered a risky one and to let a person utilize his credit for such a purchase is just more than what many of the credit card companies want to deal with. Sometimes the card won’t work at all for making a deposit and sometimes problems could arise only later into the gaming. Casinos are well aware of this problem and they do often advise their players to try and choose a different method for smoother gaming.

E-wallets: Skrill, Paysafe, Neteller

The solution that has made it easier for the players with problems using their credit cards for online gaming is called an e-wallet. There are many types of e-wallets but they have in common that they are basically online bank accounts into which a person can deposit money. To deposit money into this account the credit card can be used without problems.

Once the money is in the online account further transfers can be made to the casino. This might sound like a hassle as it certainly adds a step on the way to the deposit but there are many advantages to this system. First of all the player gets to decide how much and on what he’s like to spend his money without any interference from the credit card company. As long as there is money in the e-wallet the deposit can be made to the casino.

Another good thing about an e-wallet is that it gives a good overview of just how much a player is spending on his gaming. Since this wallet could be used exclusively for gaming its balance quickly reveals to the gambler just how he is doing.

Bank Transfers

There are different types of direct transfers between the player’s account and the casino and some of them are quite convenient to both parties. Wire transfer is a well-known option where a player simply issues a transfer from his account to the casino account. While this is a very safe method it can sometimes come with extra costs and many casinos only offer it as a method of withdrawal. To some gamblers the extra cost might be worth it since this type of transfer could be made very fast and when making a bet online it could be crucial to be on time with the deposit. Wire Transfer is also safe when it comes to preventing spending too much money as only that which is available in the account can be transferred.

A new type of bank transfer that works very fast and easily is the so-called e-check system. This deposit method is an electronic check which is filled out online and sent instantly to the casino. The transfer is really one between the player’s checking account and the casino but it goes much faster than other bank transfers. When the casino makes a payout to the player this goes automatically back into the player’s checking account which is a great asset.

This type of deposit method is especially suitable to American and Canadian online casinos who usually own checking accounts but the international crowd can also use it as long as they have a regular checking account.