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What to do before placing your first bet


Whether you heard from a friend, an ad, or somewhere else, there are many betting tips even before you start testing your skills. We should specify that although many still think betting requires luck, it mainly works around mastery and analysis. This is why many players, who only believe in fate, don’t realize how big the betting world is.

Choose a bookmaker wisely

When placing their first bet, many bettors choose the first gambling operator they come across and take their money there. Their gambling experience varies because a bettor can watch a review long ago to evaluate the quality of service a company provides and the number of benefits. For example, this review clarifies that the bettor will be able to play comfortably on both PC and Android, as b-Bets has a separate app. They have a gambling license and are members of many organizations for a safe approach to gambling.

A few minutes of double-checking before making a deposit will help you see whether the bookmaker of your choice is worth trusting or not.

Look for the bookmaker with the best conditions

Every bettor wants his bet to win. But without experience, it is hard to know how to maximize the profits from a victory. Many collect parlay bets with seemingly apparent outcomes. Others decide to make several separate bets on favourites. Hate to break it to you, but there are no sure bets.

On the other hand, there are variations in increasing your winnings. For example, many bookmakers often make starter bonuses for new players, increasing their pot. So, when adding funds to your account, the gambling operator adds a certain amount: in different cases, it may be 50 to 100% of the original payment.

Another way to get a more thoughtful approach to betting would be to compare odds at different bookmakers. Every operator works the same way, but there’s always some difference between those numbers at other times. This is not a recommendation to change bookmakers after every bet. It is a hassle to get an account. You may be considered unreliable, and the gambling operator might suspend your payouts until the case is sorted out. So choose wisely and stop at 2-3 bookmakers of your liking.

Check the news in the league you place a bet at

Once you’ve decided where to bet, there are still pitfalls. Even the trivial advice of “choose one of the top five leagues” is not a panacea for all the complexities. A simple example from December: at least three games have been postponed indefinitely due to the Covid outbreak among players and team staff. Fans have been temporarily deprived of games such as Tottenham vs. Brighton, Man United vs. Brentford, Burnley vs. Watford.

Unforeseen circumstances that happen to players and clubs can affect physical and mental readiness for future games. Like Brighton, who hadn’t won since September, some needed the break. Some, like Man United, have just started a new life with a new coach, and the loss of game fitness is now distressing.

Going back to what we talked about at the beginning of the article: luck is no small part of an athlete’s life. But in the case of the bettor, it has long been possible to predict a significant number of eventualities thanks to statistics and news. Of course, as long as a player enjoys betting, he can trust the outcome to the fate. But if the result does not satisfy him, one should not scold the bookmaker for that: the bettor himself has chosen the path of chance rather than analysis.