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Tips for Betting on Baseball


Sports betting has been a part of human culture since the advent of competitive sports. From the chariot races popularized in Ancient Egypt, to Roman gladiatorial combat, to the late-Medieval/early-Renaissance jousting competitions, all the way to today, betting on some form of competition has endured as a pastime.

Today, betting on sports is more popular than ever. Sports betting has become a major industry, producing billions of dollars in revenue annually. Sports that dominate the global betting world include soccer, horse racing, tennis, and golf. In the United States of America, however, things are a little different. The United States’ favorite sport, both by number of fans, and number of bets, is American Football, however Baseball is another very prominent sport, that is deeply ingrained in American culture. Baseball’s popularity in America is such, that many refer to the sport as America’s favorite pastime.

Betting shops have been appearing online more frequently than ever, and many of these new sports betting sites have seen a drastic increase in the popularity of bets placed on baseball games. The reason for baseball’s increase in betting popularity is due to the fact that baseball is quite popular, and easy to bet on.

Unlike other popular betting sports in America, most of which take bets based on point spread, Baseball is different. Most baseball bets rely on picking the winner of a specific game or event. In other words, baseball is a moneyline betting sport. When it comes to baseball bets, fans either pick the odds-on favorite, or the underdog to win, and win/lose money accordingly. Baseball is not as popular in the betting world as American Football, however recently it has become quite a bit more popular on the betting scene. In this article, we will look over a few tips for those who like to put a little cash on their baseball games.

Don’t Trust the Public

It seems that most fans of baseball bet on their gut instinct, which often ends up backfiring for them. The average fan likes to go the extra mile to support their home team, or their favorite team, by placing some money on their victory. Sometimes this decision is thoroughly thought-out. More often though, it is based on the fan’s passionate feelings for their favorite team. Which means that most people are likely to be wrong. Betting against the public will yield bettors a better result a large percentage of the time.

Avoid Favorites

Following up on the original point, avoid betting on fan favorites. Many oddsmakers capitalize on public bias, and write-up their books accordingly. The biggest teams in baseball will almost always be overpriced, because most oddsmakers know that the average baseball fan will pick teams like the Red Sox, the Cubs, or the Dodgers, no matter what their season was like. In other words, when favorites win, bettors get a small payout. If they lose, however, bettors get destroyed. The risk is not worth the reward on this one.