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What Makes a Good CSGO Site to Gamble at?

Supporters cheer during the final game between the Team Natus Vincere and the Team G2 Esports at the PGL Counter-Strike Major event Photo by JONATHAN NACKSTRAND/AFP via Getty Images

Many will be aware of the revolution and huge surge of interest when it comes to the world of CSGO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive). CSGO is a multiplayer experience that calls on first person shooters to combine their efforts and immerse themselves within the experience. The cosmetic elements that come with the experience, such as skins, can be acquired and used within the game for trading purposes, and even sold for real money. While the skins come and go with different types and rarities, they have become extremely popular on the marketplace for players. Due to their high demand, they now are used as virtual currency and have introduced a new market of skin gambling. It has very much become a thing.

What is CS:GO and how does it work?

You may be wondering how CSGO sites manage to get such a large active player base. Many CSGO sites today actually have begun to provide referrals as a way of enticing new traffic towards their establishment. Currently there are CSGOEmpire referral codes that can really elevate a gamers experience from the moment they sign up onto the site. However, just to make it clear, CSGO sites have not always operated this way. It has most definitely been a work in progress.

Over the past several years, this industry has really grown into itself. Millions of gamers have discovered the power of skins gambling, and the betting on the outcomes of professional tournaments, with traditional games such as roulette, coin flip, jackpot and many more. Compared to the usual regular casino sites, CSGO gambling provides gamers with the ability to make skin deposits, trade them and exchange for coins and currency. Additionally, with the merge of cryptocurrency and blockchain into the experience, players can use their favourite crypto coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as a means to make a deposit and play online.

How to find the best CSGO gambling sites?

To find a good site, you will need to be aware of certain qualities and attributes that essentially help dictate whether a site is worth investing your time into. Of course, on the market there will always be exceptional sites, in addition to ones that should be avoided. So, hopefully with the brief summary below, it should help you understand which sites are the winners and losers from the ones you have been contemplating.


When it comes to dictating authority, it is definitely an easy step to identify and distinguish. Often the best CSGO sites will always have an exceptional presence on multiple platforms across social media, in addition to affiliate programs. The more you see of the brand, the more its authority and authenticity cannot be doubted.

User Experience

CSGO gambling sites need to have the best user experience. Not only does a site have to ‘look good’, it also needs to have a feasible design that players can effectively achieve their goals on site. With many sites made cheaply nowadays, you should definitely be able to identify the cheaper looking sites from the heavily invested and player conscious products.

Customer Support

Another pretty big factor to consider for your pending CSGO experience-what kind of customer service are they providing players? Is there an available live chat, email form and possible hotline number that can be utilised? The more responsive options you have, the better a customer support system is ultimately.

Bonuses and Promotions

The most prized and anticipated part of the CSGO experience, is the possibility of landing exceptional bonuses and promotions e.g. free coins. While every site will ultimately differ from one another, in terms of the services they provide, it is always great to consider using them before you deposit your own skins into the playing system.


Last but not least, having multiple payment methods/withdrawal methods is obviously a big part in effective user experience. CSGO casinos take withdrawals very seriously, not only are the opportunities to deposit important, the pending waiting times should be fast and efficient too. Multiple gambling sites have been flagged as a scam, where once the skins are deposited, they disable any chance of a withdrawal. The solution to making sure you pick the right option? Research and read up on those reviews online!