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The Offishial Show Episode 117: How Will Marlins Adjust Without Sticky Stuff?

After this weekend, Marlins pitchers will be subjected to regular foreign substances checks (and possible suspensions).

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Joe Dunand #35 of the Miami Marlins uses hand sanitizer after the spring training game against the St. Louis Cardinals at Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium Getty Images

On the Marlins’ first off day of June, Ely Sussman reacts to how Wednesday’s loss was managed and explains where the Fish stand in relation to the worst teams in the majors. Then, we dive into Zac Gallen’s comments implying that the Marlins openly encouraged their pitchers to use sticky stuff on the mound.

Enjoy Episode 117!

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Entering Thursday’s games, the Marlins are 29-39, tied for the sixth-worst record in Major League Baseball. It’s time to consider that they could be headed toward a top-10 pick in the 2022 MLB Draft, and perhaps even sneak into the top five depending on trade deadline activity and how long currently injured players need to return.

Listen to Zac Gallen’s comments from Wednesday with regards to pitchers using sticky substances:

Michael Hill released this statement later that evening to Zach Buchanan of The Athletic:

“It is predictable that a player represented by a particular agent would make false accusations about me given my current role and the agent’s obvious desire to distract people from the current issues surrounding the use of foreign substances. The assertions, however, are completely false.”

Then, Scott Boras released his own in response to Hill (also via Buchanan):

“A player trained in the Marlins organization spoke candidly and truthfully. The then-GM’s response is none other than the antiquated Sgt Schultz defense: ‘I see nothing!’ Next we’ll be asked to believe the Tooth Fairy was the farm director.”

On Thursday morning, retired right-hander Tom Koehler disputed Gallen’s implication that Marlins pitchers were advised to use foreign substances under Hill’s administration.

Beginning on Monday, MLB umpires will check pitchers every game for foreign substances. If determined to be in violation Rules 3.01 and 6.02(c) and (d), they’ll be subject to ejection and a 10-game suspension.

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