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How to Make Your Varsity College Baseball Team?

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Each year, more than half a million high school students participate in baseball games but only about two percent progress on to college baseball. Many students are interested in advancing to higher baseball division, but the rules for joining college baseball are very strict.

Even with strict, no shortcut rules, aggressive students successfully go through the rigorous recruitment process and manage to join their college teams mostly due to self-discipline and focus. Students who play in collegiate baseball have better chances of joining the state or national baseball team.

Understand how recruitment is done

College baseball coaches use various approaches during the college recruitment process. Whichever approach a coach chooses, there are strict rules that have to be followed and these rules favor both the coach and the recruit. Expert baseball players believe there is a closer relationship between American law and American baseball in terms of timing, ethics, and personality rules followed during the recruitment process.

For some coaches, age is a mandatory factor and a good player can be rejected due to age. Other coaches will not recruit freshmen and they would rather work with more experienced players from another division.

Workout on your skills

Coaches look out for specific skills because they aim to recruit the best players who can complete in college baseball competitions and win. Coaches also look for recruits who can eventually join the state or national teams and give the college a good name.

You become an expert baseball player through consistent practice. Most students begin vigorous practice while in high school in preparation for college recruitment. Practicing will help you learn all the rules of the game and become acquainted with the winning tricks. The consistent practice has many more advantages because most coaches notice important talent as they watch players engage actively in the game.

Every student who desires to join a college baseball team must work hard in the field to prove themselves worthy. Hard work is important in every field including writing a college application essay. When a student wants to write a unique college essay, most will choose to use the application essay writing service Ca.EduBirdie because they will be certain their essay will be attractive. It is important to take time to study and understand the best format of a college essay and follow its structure without omitting any important points.

Workout on your personality

Your personality carries a lot of weight during the college baseball recruitment process. Personality is not limited to physical appearance, but other factors such as the ability to freely socialize, not being a bully, learning to accept defeat, and being teachable are all-important personality traits.

If you are the type of students who make enemies wherever they go or bully fellow students, are bad-mannered, use illegal drugs, and get involved in many other vices, chances of getting recruited will be very rare. You must prove to the coaches that you are well behaved in public and in private including your personal grooming.

Confident, young caucasian girl with braces wearing headband and wristbands put arm around baseball bat

Introduce yourself to the coaches

It is okay to wait until a coach takes note of your skills and recruit you, but due to stiff competition, your opportunity to join the college team might take forever. You can become proactive and take a further step. Write an email and introduce yourself to the coach.

Create a striking heading to help capture the attention of the coach and introduce yourself, making mention of your strengths, experience, teams you have played for, your field of study, and year of study. Anytime the coach responds, take quick action and respond to instructions or clarifications. If the coach takes time to respond to your emails, take further action and make a call or physically follow-up with them.

Take advantage of scholarships

There are many types of college scholarships available but specifically, you will be looking for scholarships targeting baseball talent. Usually, talent-based scholarships are few and those who qualify go an extra mile to present their talent through an attractive personal essay, photos, videos, rewards, and so on.

Keep searching for scholarships and apply to as many as possible and prepare yourself for interviews whenever called upon.


Joining a college baseball team is not easy due to the strict recruitment process coaches follow. Most non-focused recruits fall off in the primary recruitment phase but this creates better chances for those who remain focused. A student should look at every available option and recruitment level and take advantage of new programs that keep coming up. An aspiring recruit should use every available opening including online applications and voice calls.

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