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Pros and Cons of Moving at Different Times of the Year

Men on the Move, moving truck outside apartment building, Queens, New York Photo by: Lindsey Nicholson/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Each season has its own beauty. And its special advantages. And its unique challenges. Thus, when planning a move, you need to take into account all the features that different seasons can offer in order to choose the best time to move (of course, provided that you have the freedom to choose). It’s not just the weather conditions that differ at different times of the year—driving speeds, driving conditions, and face-to-face meetings also vary greatly at different times of the year. Depending on the specific circumstances of your case, these differences can be crucial to the success of your move. Therefore, in order to make the right decision and choose the perfect time to move, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of moving at different times of the year.

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The season of renewal and hope, spring is considered the best season for moving.


Good weather—No cold, no scorching heat, spring weather is just perfect for moving out of the house-carrying heavy items in moderate temperatures is much easier, there is no risk that your belongings will be damaged due to extreme heat or extreme cold, you don’t need to worry about heavy snowfall or blizzard on the day of moving, etc.

Safer roads—Roads are no longer covered in snow and ice, so driving in the spring is much safer and easier. There’s also not much traffic at this time of year, so traffic jams won’t be a problem.

Affordable Moving Costs—You are likely to get a significant discount when moving in early spring, as very few people decide to move in this particular period, and most transportation companies are willing to offer lower prices to secure more jobs. However, from the beginning of May, the cost of moving will increase dramatically, as the number of house moves will increase significantly in the middle of the month and the peak of the moving season will begin.

More chances to get experienced and affordable moving services—moving companies will not be fully booked in the spring, so you will have a large selection of reliable movers. Finding a reliable company that fully meets your needs and requirements should be easy enough. In addition, you will definitely get an experienced relocation team that will not rush the move or be too tired after previous work and will handle your move with great care and professionalism.

A wider choice of moving dates—the less busy the movers are, the easier it will be for them to take into account your requirements and preferences. Thus, you will not have any problems with setting the desired date of moving in the spring and you will be able to make the move exactly when you want.

You will be able to sell your home quickly and at a profit. In the spring, there is a high demand for real estate, as many people plan their summer moves, so you are likely to find a buyer quickly and easily.


Unpredictable weather—Spring is known for its showers, thunderstorms and strong winds, so despite the moderate temperature, on the day of your move, the weather can be very bad and cause you a lot of trouble. You need to take effective measures to protect your belongings and property from water damage and to prevent injuries and / or road accidents when driving in the rain ;

The school year is not over yet—it will be very difficult for your children to change schools shortly before the end of the school year—programs and requirements vary from school to school, so your children still have a lot to catch up on. and you’ll have to deal with a new routine, new classmates, and new teachers. This can negatively affect their grades and academic performance.


More than a third of all relocations in the country occur during the summer months. There is a good reason for this: Moving in the summer.


Great Weather—the days are long and the weather is warm and dry, so you’ll have more hours of daylight to complete the drive, and you don’t have to worry about snowdrifts, wet roads and slippery driveways, fog and rain on the day of the move (even if they happen, summer storms are short-lived and pass quickly) , or cold-damaged items.

A flourishing real estate market. With so many people on the move, summer is the busiest season for home sales. There is a large selection of properties on offer, so you can easily find the perfect new home for yourself.

Summer vacation—The school year is over, so moving in the summer will not interfere with your children’s education. The children will have time to adjust to the new environment by the beginning of the next school year, and you will be able to explore the educational institutions in the new area and choose a new good school for your children.

More free time—Business activity is usually temporarily reduced in the summer, so it will be easier to get a few days off to prepare for the move (moving to a new job is also much easier in the summer months). In addition, most people take paid vacation in the summer, which means that you will have more friends and relatives to help you with the move.


High moving costs—The demand for moving services is very high during the busy summer months, so you will have to dig into your pockets to get professional help when moving in the summer. There will be no discounts, and the cost of moving will be higher than in any other season;

Less choice—all known moving companies will be booked in advance and you will have a very limited selection of available movers and moving dates. You may have to settle for an inconvenient pick-up date and a large delivery window, or end up dealing with inexperienced movers (many transport companies lack workers during the busy summer period and hire temporary workers who do not have extensive training. and the professional know-how necessary for smooth movement) and improper moving equipment, not to mention the high probability of fraud when moving. A busy schedule also means that movers will be in a hurry and exhausted due to too much work, so they won’t be able to handle your move with much care.

Searing heat—Extremely high temperatures during the summer months can exacerbate motor stress, create a great risk to your health, and increase the risk of damage to your belongings. Many household items can deform or break due to the heat in a moving truck, so it is very important that your items are transported in an air-conditioned van (especially if you are traveling long distances or need to move some fragile items). Also, make sure you take the appropriate measures to stay cool and hydrated at all times: dress in light and light clothing, drink plenty of water, protect your skin with high-quality sunscreen lotion, etc. (Don’t forget to offer some cool drinks to your movers as well).

Heavy traffic—this is summer—people are going on vacation, visiting places and traveling back and forth across the country. Millions of cars, buses and trucks are moving on the roads day and night. Driving a car is a hassle, traffic jams and traffic accidents are becoming commonplace, so deliveries are slow and late.

Last but not least, planning and organizing a summer move is likely to ruin your vacation plans and deprive you of a well-deserved vacation.