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How to install a new toilet seat?

Newly Installed Flush Toilet Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

Can you bear the embarrassment of a cracked toilet seat in front of your friends? Imagine one of your friends when going to the bathroom, meets your cracked seat. This is poor and can ruin all your efforts in making a very good reputation.

If you are busy enough and cannot take out of your busy schedule, I can feel you. But still, you can manage an hour or so from any Sunday and do it yourself in no time. So, it is better to fix things in time rather than embarrassing. Then are you ready? I’m going to tell you the straightforward procedure to install a new toilet seat. First, you will know which tools you need for this DIY project and then we will move to the procedure in no time. Let’s start!

Things needed for toilet installation

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Meter
  • Screwdriver
  • Hacksaw
  • Spray oil

How to install a new toilet seat?

When you have to install a toilet or seat, make sure it is complimenting your bathroom in all ways. Like its interior, color combination, space, and all these things. If you select the same toilets for all of your bathrooms that are differently designed, it will be boring. So, before finalizing any model or design make sure you have reviewed the best toilets for the home.

Here we see how you can replace your toilet seat with a new one.

Choosing a new toilet seat

The very first thing you have to do is to measure the size of the toilet seat. Most of the seats come in standard size and are good to use. But if you have a different type of toilet, it is better to measure the size before buying. Take the measuring tape from your tool bag and measure the distance between the bolt holes in the toilet bowl. This distance must be the same in the new seat.

Removing the old seat

  • Next is to remove the previously fixed seat from the bowl. Look at the joints where the hinge is holding the seat at its place and is capped with the bolts. Pick your flat head screwdriver and slide it under the edges and gently remove caps from both of the sides. It is also possible that there are no caps on the hinges. If you do not find it, it means you have to move to the next step and remove the nuts.
  • Before doing this spread a waste towel on the bathroom floor as you need to bend.
  • Turn the adjustable wrench counterclockwise and remove nuts from each side of the bow
  • l. If your toilet seat has washers between the nuts and bowl, remove those to fully detach the seat.
  • You may find it hard to remove the nuts. This is common as grime can build up in the bathroom and block those connectors. So, keep all the necessary things in your access. First, use oil spray and wait for about 10 minutes to set it. Then try again, hopefully, it will be much easier now. If still, nuts are not getting out, take a hacksaw, and carefully cut the nuts with it.
  • Now the seat is separate, just lift it and clear the bowl for the new seat.

New toilet seat installation

  • Take the packaging of a new seat and remove the seat from it. You will see the hinges are attached to it and place these hinges on the bowl. Keep these exactly where the hinges on the old seats were fixed. Also, check all the nuts and bolts within the box and set them aside.
  • Now place the bolts to the hinges. You will see the space in hinges, just pick the bolts in your hand and one by one place on both sides.
  • When bolts are inserted, you have to thread the nuts onto the bolts. Make sure there is a towel on the floor to help you tighten the bolts and nuts. Take a nut and look at one side of the bowl. You will see the bolts you inserted. Now place the nut on the bolt and turn it clockwise to tighten. When it is threaded, use your adjustable wrench and make it fully tight.
  • Do the same with another nut of the opposite side.
  • If there are washers in the packaging, then place these washers before mounting nuts.

When all the connectors are secure, lift the toilet seat. It will be all done.