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Will Miami Marlins Manage to Continue To Thrive With An Improved Offense?

Miami Marlins v St. Louis Cardinals Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The first trimester of 2021 in the competitive National League East division was all about an American professional baseball team Miami Marlins. And it all started last season when their great performance got them to the postseason. As a matter of fact, this is the teams’ first real success after eighteen years of mediocrity. Wild Card Series were particularly important for the team as they managed to win against Chicago Cubs. However, they lost the next three games in the Division Series.

Was it All Just a Fluke?

Even though they managed to achieve some success in the postseason, most critics attributed that to the expanded postseason format. And according to the PECOTA readings, the Marlins are supposed to finish last in the National League East. But the team is hungry for success, and they are not going to settle with postseason qualifications. Their continued success this season starts with great pitches and offence that need improvement.

National League Rookie of the Year Award?

One of the team’s best pitching prospects is definitely Sixto Sanchez. Sixto has an impressive fastball that can have an incredibly high velocity. Even if he is still young and inexperienced, Sanchez managed to have nine postseason and regular-season games in 2020. Besides, Sixto Sanchez is one of the names often mentioned in predictions for the National League Rookie of the Year Award 2021. Apart from Sanchez, Marlins’ projected starting rotation will be guided by two more great pitchers: Sandy Alcantara and Pablo Lopez.

Much Needed Changes

The club made some bold moves last season, and the first one was bringing the outfielder Starling Marte. To be precise, Marte joined Marlins, and in exchange, the Miami team gave Caleb Smith, Humberto Mejia, and Julio Frias to Arizona Diamondbacks. Moreover, there‘s another player with a contract that is near the expiry date—Corey Dickerson. Miami Marlins managed to invest $22 million in their offence this season, which might sound as good a deal as the $1 deposit casinos you can find if you use this link. But, keep in mind that their active payroll is only twice as that.

In addition, the Marlins managed to add another veteran outfielder to the team—a 32-year-old Adam Duvall. And as Cot’s Baseball Contracts claims, Duvall signed a $5 million one-year contract with the team. In order to improve their offence, the Miami baseball team decided to acquire proven veteran outfielders via inexpensive short-term contracts. Some players who might join them as part of that subscription are Monte Harrison, Peyton Burdick, Kameron Misner, Jerar Encarnacion, Monte Harrison, and Jesus Sanchez.

What About the Rest?

And the two players who will compete for playing time at first base are Garrett Cooper and Jesus Aguilar. Besides, both players have one-year contracts with performance bonuses. And even if the two contracts were approximately $6 million, Cot’s Baseball Contract predicts that Jesus Aguilar could get $150,000 through performance bonuses.

Moreover, this performance needs to be based on various plate appearances. On the other hand, the predictions for Garrett Cooper go up to $250,000. You will definitely need as much info as you can get if you want to try your luck at casino with iDeal. This could be some useful information for any Marlins fans who are planning to bet this season.

Apart from that, Brian Anderson also signed a one-year contract for $3.8 million. This is seemingly one of the most important parts of his career as he is becoming a full-time third baseman. Additionally, he would need to be the team’s primary catalyst, and even if he is still not quite there, he has what it needs.

As far as Marlins’ shortstop is concerned, Miguel Rojas has a 2022 club option for $5.5 million. And this option might materialise if he manages to have 500 plate appearances in 2021. Also, Jazz Chisholm needs to show that he is the right choice for an everyday shortstop. His number one competition currently is Isan Diaz.


Unfortunately, the Miami Marlins haven’t been praised by many critics for their latest success. The team are being overlooked in the NLE due to poor offense, lack of trades and more. However, that doesn’t mean that they cannot achieve great things this season. They don’t lack passion and enthusiasm, but they surely need to work on other things. In case they work on their offence, they might be facing continued success in 2021.