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How to Turn a Profit Betting on Baseball in 2021: 10 Easy and Profitable Tips

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the United States. However, the sport is also starting to gain a foothold across the world. Countries such as South Korea and Japan currently have some of the top professional baseball leagues globally, while other territories like Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, and Puerto Rico have become hotbeds for nurturing baseball talents.

Placing bets on baseball has also become prevalent as the game’s popularity has grown across the globe. Nowadays, punters can place bets on each Major League Baseball event online wherever and whenever they want. Also, they can place wagers on other leading leagues, including Korean Baseball Organisation and college baseball online.

Many top betting sites provide punters with the opportunity to bet on the game of baseball. And most of them offer new player deals on the sports. For example, you can check the Betvictor sign-up offer reviewed by If you are new to betting on baseball, then you need to take advantage of any generous welcome bonus deal recommended. Keep reading to learn more about 10 easy and profitable tips that can help you turn a profit on baseball in 2021.

How to Place Bets on Baseball

Baseball is a Moneyline game. This means that punters only need to pick who wins the game and not who covers. While betting, you will find two options. The first one is to take the favourite, which is the team you expect to win. While the second option is to take the underdog, the team you expect to lose.

You should be aware that when you are placing a bet on a favourite, you will gain less money if you predict it right. On the other hand, a winning underdog wager will, in most cases, provide more returns.

While it is not common in baseball, you do have an option to place a wager on the spread. But in this sport, a spread bet is known as the rule line. In most cases, it is -1.5 and runs on the favourite team with varying odds. There is also the option to place a bet on the total or (over/under). Similar to other sports, the over/under bet in baseball is a wager on the number of runs that will be scored in the game.

Baseball’s long, drawn-out schedule is another special aspect of placing bets on the sport. With numerous events and games played each day, punters are provided with almost endless opportunities to place qualifying bets.

10 Proven Baseball Betting Tips for 2021

Whether you are new to betting on baseball or you’re a seasoned punter, you will find the following ten tips helpful for you. So take your time to go through them and possibly keep in mind those that you feel can significantly boost your chances of winning when you bet on baseball.

Bet to Risk and Not to Win

You can apply this tip across all sports, but it has particularly proven to be helpful when it comes to betting on baseball. This phrase simply means that as a punter, you should always consider the unit size.

Always ensure that the unit size is either lower or higher price of the wager. Doing so will save you from losing while at the same time creating a massive bankroll when you are lucky to win an underdog.

Focus on Divisional Underdogs

Betting blindly can easily make you a great loser. As a serious punter, you must know all of the players playing with the non-divisional and divisional opponent. This can make a huge difference when it comes to winning.

Baseball is a unique game since every player from the same division must face off a total of 19x in a single year, making them very well known. Your familiarity with the players can result in significant benefits in terms of betting on the sport.

Bet Against the Public

Baseball is one of the best games for betting against the public. By concentrating on the most disproportionate games of the day and the heaviest wagers, you can easily take advantage of the public bias.

You also need to put yourself in the place of the bookies since they always win. By doing these simple things, you are sure to boost your chances of becoming a successful baseball bettor.

Keep Away from Big Favourites

Many bettors constantly need to bet on the better side. As a result of this, they capitalise on the public bias, shading their lines accordingly. In line with this, popular teams are overpriced since punters will always place bets on them whether they are -200, -180, or -150. Sometimes, this decision would prove to be ideal for you. However, doing it consistently may significantly affect your bankroll.

Pay Close Attention to Wind

Placing bets on Moneyline isn’t the only choice when it comes to betting on the game of baseball. The total is another way that you can consider. It depends upon the total scored by the team in combination.

The wind is the most important factor to put into consideration while betting on totals, as it can create a massive impact on the entire game. If the wind is blowing in, then it could easily turn into a great benefit for under.

Take Advantage of the Plus-Money Underdogs

For you to make some cash betting on basketball or football, you need to win 52.4% of the time to break even. But if you bet on MLB and avoid the big favourites while consistently taking plus-money underdogs +170, +150, +120, you can easily win at a sub-50% clip and with positive units. You will only lose what you wagered when the dogs lose. But when they win, you’ll be sure to enjoy the plus-money payouts.

Follow Reverse Line Movement

The game of baseball is not just about blindly going contrarian and taking plus-money dogs. You also need to be on the positive side of each game. One of the proven ways to locate the positive action or side is to follow the Reverse Line Movement. This is when the betting lines move in the opposite direction of the wagering percentages. It only gets better when you raise the Reverse Line Movement.

Shop for the Best Line

Betting with only one bookie is a big mistake that many new punters make. It is a bad idea since it forces punters to play with any number that their sportsbook offers. It is advisable to open several accounts with different bookmakers so that you can be able to shop for the best line.

Also, creating multiple accounts will allow you to take advantage of regular bonuses and promotions that different sportsbooks offer. You can be able to compare the odds and bonus terms and conditions and only pick those that blend smoothly with your unique betting needs and requirements.

Manage Your Bankroll Well, Try to Avoid Teasers and Parlays

Bankroll management is one of the vital factors to long-term betting success. Many betting experts encourage punters to employ a flat-wagering approach. You should understand that every play is the same, and you just need to risk only one unit on each.

Also, it is advisable to bet anywhere between 1% and 5% of your current bankroll per play. And between 1% and 2% if you want to be a little conservative. On the other hand, if you want to be more aggressive, then you should bet between 4% and 5%. And 3% if you want to wager medium.

Embrace Volume Wagering

Remaining disciplined while limiting your wagers to the most valuable matches of the day is one of the biggest keys to becoming a successful baseball bettor. For example, if you’ve got a wagering system that features an ROI of 2%, it is reasonable to expect that you’ll make approximately 486 bets on MLB and only 51 wagers on the NFL. Try a sportsbook bonus here.

Even if the ROI’s are similar, the volume of baseball betting results in higher units won. A 2% ROI would lead to a profit of +9.72 units in the MLB, while the same ROI would result in only +1.02 units won in the NFL.

Final Thoughts

If you keep in mind some of these baseball betting tips, then you will be sure to take your gambling journey to the next level. With that in mind, you can check out the Betvictor sign-up offer reviewed by and, if possible, create an account to start betting on different baseball events.