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The Offishial Show Episode 88:’s Christina De Nicola’s Marlins beat reporter Christina De Nicola joins Ely and Alex to discuss how she got the job and what she intends to do with it in 2021 and beyond.


In the midst of her first month as a regular on the Marlins beat,’s Christina De Nicola (pronounced Dee Ni-CO-la) spends more than an hour with Ely Sussman and Alex Contreras. The Miami native takes us through her background story (2:30), opinions on MLB rule changes (15:30), the team’s postponement of FanFest and upcoming business decisions (30:30), the delicate balance between adding veterans to the 2021 roster while still allowing playing time for top prospects (42:45), and more!

Enjoy Episode 88!

After several years complementing/collaborating with longtime beat reporter Joe Frisaro, De Nicola is his successor (he accepted an early retirement package from MLB Advanced Media earlier this offseason). As was the case with Frisaro, her articles are being featured on

This episode was recorded before ESPN released a bombshell report late Monday night detailing how newly hired Mets general manager Jared Porter, back in 2016 while working in the Cubs front office, harassed a female reporter by sending explicit, unsolicited texts and images. Early Tuesday morning, franchise owner Steve Cohen announced his firing.

Speaking with us, De Nicola acknowledged the challenges that women working in baseball face. For more on “the constant stress” of being in the sports industry’s gender minority, we urge you to read her most recent post on Christina’s Culture Corner blog.

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