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Revised 2021 Marlins spring training schedule

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The Fish will be getting very familiar with the Astros, Cardinals, Mets and Nationals.

Major League Baseball Suspends Spring Training Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The Marlins’ Grapefruit League schedule looks far different in 2021 than what we are accustomed to. Original plans for them to play 30 organized games have been modified, as seen below:

Courtesy of @RDCstadium/Twitter

That’s 24 total games, six apiece against the MLB teams whose facilities are the shortest distances away. Start times will be shortly after 1 p.m. ET unless otherwise specified (“night” means shortly after 6 p.m. ET).

  • Hosting the Cardinals on Mar. 2, Mar. 13 (night) and Mar. 22; visiting them on Mar. 8, Mar. 18 (night) and Mar. 27 (night)
  • Hosting the Astros on Mar. 5, Mar. 10 (night) and Mar. 21; visiting them on Feb. 28, Mar. 15 an Mar. 26
  • Hosting the Nationals on Mar. 6, Mar. 11 and Mar. 25 (night); visiting them on Mar. 3, Mar. 16 (night) and Mar. 20 (night)
  • Hosting the Mets on Mar. 1, Mar. 17 and Mar. 28; visiting them on Mar. 7, Mar. 12 and Mar. 23

The Astros are Miami’s only opponent that made any noise in the 2020 postseason. However, the others all completed high-profile moves this past winter in an effort to vault themselves back into championship contention.

Many of these games will be available to watch on MLB.TV, broadcasted by the Marlins’ opponents’ broadcast crews. Unfortunately, the Marlins themselves still haven’t finalized a new deal with FOX Sports Florida.

The Marlins could elect to play intrasquad games on their off days in order to get their players as many reps as possible.


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