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The Offishial Show Episode 86: Marlins Affiliate To Be Named Later

Our first pod of 2021 features Beloit, Wisconsin’s own Ben Witkins, covering all angles of the city that will host the Marlins High-A MiLB affiliate for the foreseeable future.

Beloit River Rockers

Ely Sussman gives his quick takes on each of the recent Miami Marlins transactions, then speaks with Ben Witkins (14:30), “Save Snappy” petition co-organizer and the creative mind behind the proposed Beloit River Rockers rebrand. The team currently known as the Beloit Snappers is about to enter a 10-year player development partnership with the Fish, serving as their High-A affiliate in the Midwest League. Ben explains the impact of Quint Studer becoming the Beloit owner, updates the status of ABC Supply Stadium’s construction and makes the case for why Beloit should usher in this new era by adopting the River Rockers moniker.

Enjoy Episode 86!

High-A Beloit is overdue for a rebrand (they’ve been the Snappers since 1995). Coinciding with the team’s move into a new, downtown ballpark later this year, Quint Studer has announced five finalists for the new identity: Cheeseballs, Moo, Polka Pike, Sky Carp and Supper Clubbers. But with all due respect, Ben tells Fish Stripes why these would fail to resonate with the surrounding community.

The perfect compromise? Beloit River Rockers. Ben and his colleagues have suggested a way to preserve the beloved Snappy mascot while revitalizing the Beloit baseball brand with new elements. They have gone as far as mocking up logos, uniforms and merchandise for the River Rockers (see gallery below).

Please read and sign their petition

There is a live ballpark construction camera set up to monitor progress being made at ABC Supply Stadium. Construction is not expected to be completed until the summer; in the meantime, Beloit home games will be held at Pohlman Field.

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