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How to Watch Miami Marlins Games from Any Location

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For sports fans, there is nothing more important than supporting your favorite team. It’s all about being there during each moment, both good and bad. These are true fans who love their teams every day.

Sadly, not everyone has the opportunity to go to each game and give their support from the stands. We all have busy lives, careers, family, and other things going on. It’s simply impossible to be there every time. Luckily, we can all watch our Marlins online or over the TV.

But can we really? Most Miami Marlins games can be watched on Fox Sports Florida. However, this regional network doesn’t come on all cable packages, and it isn’t strong on streaming. At the same time, those streams aren’t available from every location.

Watching Marlins Games on Fox Florida

The most popular option for all Marlins fans is Fox Sports Florida. You need to get this channel with your cable provider to watch the games. All residents of Florida have a large number of cable providers that include this channel.

There are even other states that offer this channel. However, not all of them do. Simply put, if you are a Marlins fan and live in Chicago, chances are you won’t be able to get this channel so easily. Even if you do, you’d have to pay for an expensive cable package.

But even if you do this, there are no guarantees. If the network decides that there’s more interest in something else or the game schedule “doesn’t fit in” with their program, you might be left hanging. As a Marlins fan, this can be really disappointing and straight-up annoying. Additionally, the coronavirus pandemic dictates new rules for players, which is something players have not yet adapted to. For fans, regulations mean that they cannot go to the anticipated matches but need to look for available broadcasters.

Live Streaming of Fox Sports Florida

Sadly, Fox Sports Florida isn’t so big on streaming, so you can’t expect to get streaming videos regularly. In other words, if the games are broadcasted on Fox Sports Florida, you’d be able to watch streams.

But not even all games would be available on the official Fox Florida website. To make sure you can always stream games that are on, you would have to get additional streaming services that cover Fox Sports Florida. These include AT&T Now, YouTube TV, and Hulu Life.

Still, all of these streaming platforms require additional payments that range around $50 per month, so you’ll have additional costs that don’t even guarantee you would always be able to watch Miami Marlins games.

Using a Third-Party Streaming Platform

Many different third-party streaming platforms offer broadcasts of games that aren’t a high priority for national frequencies. These are an excellent option to watch Marlins games at any given moment. However, similarly to official streaming platforms, these streams are usually geo-restricted.

Simply put, they are made for people who are in a certain region. You need to know where you can watch these streams from. If you are traveling for work or you have simply moved somewhere outside of Florida, chances are you won’t be able to watch the Marlins games whenever you want.

At the same time, some of these platforms can be pretty shady. They might bombard you with ads, limit the amount of time you can watch certain channels, and so on.

Using a VPN to Stream Marlins Games from Anywhere

As you might understand by now, there isn’t an ideal option for watching Marlins games. Luckily, with the help of a VPN for streaming, you can always have a reliable channel to watch your games.

Virtual Private Networks are simple but effective tools that give you anonymity online and let you change the region from which you connect. Simply put, if you are outside of the US and want to watch Marlins games, you can use a VPN to go online and make it look like you’re in Florida.

No matter if you are using an extended streaming platform of Fox Sports Florida or a third-party streaming platform, you will be able to watch your games with ease. Each time you connect or change servers, you will get a new IP address, which means that those time limits won’t work against you.


Sports fans worldwide know how difficult it can sometimes be to watch a game and support the team you love. A VPN can help you do this without any complications. At the same time, VPN gives you more anonymity online and better security.