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Joe Frisaro to retire after 19 seasons as Marlins reporter

Frisaro announced that his tenure concludes Dec. 28.

The Marlins have had few constants through the years—Joe Frisaro was one of them. He served as the beat reporter for 19 seasons. That tenure included the 2003 World Series championship, moving into a new ballpark, a front-row seat to the peaks of Dontrelle Willis, Hanley Ramírez, Josh Johnson, José Fernández, Giancarlo Stanton and many other greats, spanning two-thirds of the franchise’s existence.

On Thursday, he announced on Twitter that this chapter of his career will soon be coming to an end:


When I began working for in March of 2002, I knew I was on the ground floor of something big. My instincts certainly were correct. It turned into the best career move I’ve ever made. I’m so grateful and honored to have played a small role in being part of this company growing into the media giant it is today. allowed me to live out my career dreams, and I’m truly blessed and thankful.

But just like the tremendous athletes that I’ve covered, there comes a time to make personal decisions. That time has arrived for me, and I’ve decided to retire, and my last day with the company will be Dec. 28.

There’s so many I want to say thanks to.

I’m so grateful to the Marlins, the organization has always treated me and my family with great respect, and I’m truly indebted to them for that. It’s been an honor to cover Don Mattingly, and I’m thrilled that he was named National League Manager of the Year in 2020.

I’m thankful to all the current players, who have treated me with respect. I have so much respect for all the sacrifices and hard work the players put in, and that was reflected in this difficult 2020, when they had to perform while adhering to strict protocols during a pandemic.

I’m thankful to all the previous players, managers and coaches, front office personnel, and staff, I’ve had the privilege of working with, and seeing on a daily basis.

I’m thankful to all the Marlins and baseball and sports fans, who are passionate about this sport that I love so greatly. I’ll miss the grind. I’ll miss my teammates, my colleagues who are immensely talented and provide daily baseball coverage that is second to none. My work family is deeply special to me.

I’m thankful to the South Florida media that has covered the Marlins.

I’m forever grateful to have covered this beat for so many years alongside journalistic greats as Clark Spencer, Joe Capozzi and the late Juan C. Rodriguez. For more than a decade we saw each other more than our families, and we pushed each other. As a beat reporter against this group, you couldn’t afford to have a bad day, because you would be playing catch-up. The quality of their work forced me to become better in my craft.

I’m also thankful that I am walking away at a time the Marlins are moving in the right direction, and the foundation is in place for sustainable success. Reaching the playoffs this year was a huge achievement, and I’m proud that my last year on the beat was watching these players and this organization reach the next level.

The Marlins are in good hands, and it will be exciting to watch what the future has in store.

While I am retiring from, I’m not necessarily going away. I don’t know what is next. I do know, whatever it is, I’ll have a big say dictating the terms, and I don’t plan on working weekends, holidays and birthdays.

I do have some ideas, and I’m looking forward to seeing where they lead.

Those who know me well, know my family is a baseball family. Once baseball is in you, it doesn’t leave. I’m sure I’ll be connected to the game in some way.

I am thankful to my family and the sacrifices they’ve made as I’ve performed this job. Now, I’ll have more time for them, and I’m sure they will get sick of me.

I’ve been accused of writing too long, and this farewell has dragged on longer than intended. So I’ll wrap things up. Thanks again. Be well, safe, and appreciate all the positives that you have.


Frisaro has long been an invaluable resource and an ally for my staff in the press box and the clubhouse. Next spring, Fish Stripes will be inducting him into our Marlins Hall of Fame.

No word yet on Frisaro’s replacement or if the search process has even begun.

Thanks for everything, Joe!