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Furniture Delivery: Guide To Prepare Furniture Before Moving

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Wood furniture is more prone to damage when moving house compared to other items. Whether it’s a study desk, coffee table or television stand, you will always have to protect your furniture when moving. If you feel it will be stressful for you to do all these tasks, you might consider hiring from Shift.

While relocating furniture, many moving mistakes can be avoided to prevent damage to furniture. Here are some tips on how you can prepare your furniture before moving to another house.

How to best prepare furniture before moving.

1. Be aware of what you intend to move

Take note of the furniture you have and estimate the time needed to disassemble and get ready. Look for items that might need to be prepared in advance before moving. For instance, it will not be necessary to move the beds before the actual moving day but your study table could be moved.

2. Have a clear measurement of doorways and hallways

Before moving furniture from your home, be certain that all the furniture will fit through all elevators if any are available, hallways, doorways or stairwells. Some furniture can be moved without necessarily having to disassemble it. Large pieces such as couches may force you to remove doors before moving them.

Once you’ve taken note of furniture that needs to be taken apart before moving, then it’s time to get the necessary tools and equipment.

3. Acquire the necessary tools and equipment

Get the right tools that you will need to disassemble any doors, frames, legs and tabletops. You may be required to get plastic sandwich bags for packaging valuable or fragile furniture, table legs and tabletops. Get furniture, blankets and tape that you will use to wrap and protect the packed items.

While packing the furniture, make sure you wrap the corners as thoroughly as you can and cover any exposed wood. Always use foam padding if you have any pieces like hutches.

4. Disassemble first

Identify the furniture that needs to be disassembled first. These might take a little bit of time. According to The Spruce, it’s advisable to move furniture that needs disassembly first while you’re still energetic.

Remove any removable parts such as glass tops, bedrooms, table legs and shelves. Take care of one piece at a time and put all the bolts, nuts and washers safely in a plastic bag. Use a permanent marker pen to write on top of the bag which piece it belongs to.

5. Wood should not be wrapped in bubble wrap

Wood is porous. Covering it in bubble wrap can damage the surface of the furniture. If you are to use bubble wrap for packaging, place some moving blankets in between. This ensures the plastic does not come in contact with the wood.


Moving to a new house can be a very tiresome and stressful task, especially if you have a lot of furniture in the house. If you are to do this task alone, you have been equipped with some tips on moving your furniture. If the task will be too much for you, you can consider hiring professional movers and be certain they have an insurance plan to be covered in case things go wrong when moving house.