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The Best Baseball Betting Sites For Marlins Fans

For the third time in history the Marlins reached the postseason, we discuss this historic season and give tips for how to get the most out of your wagers.

For only the third time in Miami Marlins 30 year history, they reached the postseason. Their last postseason appearance was way back in 2003, however, in their previous two playoff appearances they defied the odds and won the World Series. Fans were hoping for history to repeat itself and for the miracle Marlins to win a third world series. Devastatingly it wasn’t meant to be and the Miami Marlins were eliminated from the 2020 Major League Baseball postseason. This came after a 7-0 loss against the Atlanta Braves during Game 3 of the National League Division Series.

Despite the sadness of losing the postseason, it has still been a riveting season for Marlins and baseball fans alike. With the popularity of baseball at an all-time high globally, fans will find no shortage of baseball betting sites. For a great roundup of sites, wagering tips, and techniques we recommend heading to

The Effects Of Coronavirus On The Marlins Season

Like much of 2020’s sporting calendar, baseball faced heavy disruption due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Thankfully by July baseball was able to recommence, however, shortly after several Marlins players tested positive. The virus spread quickly through the team with 17 team players and 2 coaches infected. Worryingly for fans, this put the rest of the season in jeopardy but thankfully after a quarantine period baseball was allowed to recommence.

This was excellent news for Marlins fans and the baseball community as a whole, despite delays and setbacks fans were able to once again enjoy a game of baseball.

Supporters had to cheer their team on from home for most of the 2020 season, however, the MLB has allowed limited numbers of fans to attend the World Series. The MLB has put in a variety of safety measures, ensuring the stadium follows social distancing rules and only selling 11,500 tickets to the 40,300 seat Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas.

The return to the diamond was incredible news for baseball fanatics and lovers of wagering. Whatever team you may support, fans can now enjoy wagering on the remainder of the World Series.

Techniques To Get The Most Out Of Your Wager

  • Don’t Just Wager On The MLB: With so many Baseball leagues and playoffs globally it would be foolish to only bet on the main division, we recommend finding a bookie that has a diverse sportsbook with a range of baseball betting options. This means you’ll be able to enjoy a wager not only on MLB but during smaller grassroots leagues, as well as international events in countries like Korea, Mexico, and Canada.
  • Shop Around For The Best Line: A big mistake rookie bettors make is placing bets through only one sportsbook, this is a mistake as it forces bettors to play the numbers being offered by their book. If those wanting to wager shop around and have accounts with several bookmakers they can ensure they are placing a bet for the best odds.

  • Avoid Big Favourites: Recreational bettors love betting on favorites, and oddsmakers know it. This means they capitalize on the popular opinion and alter lines and odds accordingly. Because of this, popular teas such as Yankees, Dodgers, and the Phillies will always be overpriced. When a favorite wins the payout is proportionally very small, there is far more money to be won by doing your homework and betting on lesser-known teams.

Popular Markets For Baseball Wagering

Premium sportsbooks will allow their customers to place bets on precise events throughout the game and season. This allows fans more opportunities to invest in the game and win big.

  • Season Bets: Season bets are one of the most popular forms of betting with baseball bettors, frequently they are referred to as Future bets. These are great if you want to have a financial investment in the success of your team or have an investment for the duration of the season. With season bets you make a wager on which team will win the World Series, the league, the number of wins a team may have throughout the whole season, or the winners of individual divisions.

  • Home Runs Scored: Undoubtedly one of the most exciting events during a game of Baseball is a home run being scored. Adding a financial incentive to watching your favorite big hitters score only adds to the exhilaration which makes this an incredibly popular market to place a Baseball wager on.

  • Extra Innings: A highlight of the Baseball season is when two evenly matched teams play against one another. The fierce competition makes the possibility of extra innings very likely and now fans can bet on what the result of the extra innings may be.