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Quiz: 2020 Marlins position players

Can you name every position player who appeared in a game for the 2020 Marlins?

MLB: NLDS-Atlanta Braves at Miami Marlins Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

All of a sudden, we are back in offseason mode. It won’t be boring, but it will be different. The break from daily major league games allows me the opportunity to breathe and dedicate time to eccentric content when the mood strikes. More often than not, Saturdays between now and spring training will include a new Marlins quiz courtesy of the Fish Stripes Sporcle account!

Despite there only being a 60-game MLB regular season in 2020, the Marlins used about the same number of position players that you’d expect over the usual 162. The COVID-19 outbreak had a large role in that, as did the condensed schedule. Doubleheaders were more common than days off—it’s difficult for an athlete to adequately prepare their body for that grind when the league decided to expedite preseason (“summer camp”) activities.

Try to come up with all 25 names before the time limit expires.

The quiz is embedded below. If it doesn’t load for you, click here to play.