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Jon Berti, Payton Henry still haven’t been featured on any 2022 Marlins lineup graphics

A wholly unnecessary investigation into the team’s daily “Lining Up” tweets.

Jon Berti #5 of the Miami Marlins warms up looks on before a baseball game against the Washington Nationals at National Park Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

In the midst of what will likely be the longest losing streak of the 2022 Marlins season, we could all use some silly content to distract us from on-field events. You’re welcome.

Typically during the hour leading up to first pitch of every game, the official Miami Marlins Twitter account posts a “Lining Up” graphic listing the team’s batting order and defensive alignment. Each graphic features a photo of one of the players who is in the lineup for that game.

They look like this:

Every 2022 “Lining Up” graphic posted by the Marlins through May 6
Every 2022 “Lining Up” graphic posted by the Marlins through May 6

Here is the game-by-game Lining Up photo breakdown through May 6 (26 games). Unsurprisingly, staff ace Sandy Alcantara has been featured a team-high four times:

(The April 23 pregame routine was disrupted by former Marlin Miguel Cabrera recording his 3,000th career hit. It’s unclear whether the social media team intentionally skipped the Lining Up graphic that game or were just too busy to tweet it.)

The Marlins active roster has been well represented through the first month’s worth of regular season games, but not fully represented. Lining Up has featured every member of the starting rotation and 11 different position players. The omissions: Jon Berti and Payton Henry.

Berti has started nearly half of Miami’s games—11 of 26—and boasts a team-leading 190 weighted runs created plus. Henry has only seven starts, but the Marlins had an easy opportunity to incorporate him earlier this week when he was behind the plate on back-to-back days. What gives?!

You have to scroll all the way back to March 27 and March 29 to find lineup graphic love for Henry and Berti, respectively. During spring training, the Marlins used a Loupe-inspired sports card format that accommodated three players per game.

The Marlins In Focus blog operated by team photographer Joseph Guzy is loaded with flattering pics of Berti and Henry. Put ‘em to good use!