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4 Tips for Betting on Baseball

There’s nothing better than watching sport. The excitement when you can hear the crowd roar is immense, and the anticipation that your team might win is too much to bear sometimes! But most people don’t know they can take the experience to the next level by placing a pre-game or in-play wager.

With money on the outcome, every play has significance. However, problems may arise if you aren’t usually a gambling person and don’t know the strategies that give you the best opportunities to win. Thankfully, we do, which is why we’ve outlined our top four tips for finding the best baseball odds.

Capitalize on Welcome Offers

The great thing about being new to baseball gambling is that you’ll be eligible for the welcome offers at a variety of sports betting companies. Now, it’s worth pointing out that this doesn’t give you an edge. The odds are the same and the sides can easily lose. But of course, if you don’t win, you won’t forfeit your own hard-earned money.

At least with a welcome package under your belt, you will receive added value, regardless of the form it takes. It may be a free bet up to the same amount you deposited into your account. It may be cashback. It may be a 100% deposit match with healthy maximum and minimum limit thresholds. Either way, it’s the bookmakers that stand the bet, not you. This is partly why the US industry generated revenues of $1.55 billion in 2020.

Don’t Dismiss the Favorites

After a while, you’ll notice that teams such as the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox always have short odds. If you listen to some people, you may believe that they are overpriced, which means it’s not worth taking the risk. After all, they do lose, so what’s the point if the returns aren’t favorable?

There is a flip side to the argument. It states that selecting the top franchises will more often than not lead to profits. Sure, they are small compared to when the lesser sides win baseball matches, but they win more often than the majority of franchises in Major League Baseball. People who are patient and wait until the end of the season often find they are in pocket and that’s the most important thing.

Use Cryptocurrencies Where Possible

Opting for cryptocurrencies over fiat currencies won’t appeal at first because you may have heard a lot of negative things about cryptos. In reality, they are fantastic options for players who want to bet on sportsbooks, including baseball, for several reasons.

Firstly, they are secure and almost impossible to trace, so your online presence will be anonymous. Secondly, gambling on baseball with cryptocurrency betting services negate the expensive exchange rates that occur when you change Bitcoin or Litecoin for US dollars, euros, or pounds sterling. Finally, the value of the most reputable coins is holding steady, meaning you can potentially withdraw very valuable assets.

Focus on Divisional Matchups

Teams from around the MLB play each other relatively regularly. Still, the divisional rivals face off the most, and it’s an important caveat to remember. Why? It’s because the stats suggest the underdogs are less likely to lose.

According to research, all underdogs in divisional games since 2005 have lost 72.1 units compared to 645.7 units for franchises outside the division. So, it makes sense to either back favorites when they play outside of their division, or underdogs when they play in their division.

Hopefully, these tips help you to enjoy baseball a little bit more!