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Offishial news, 1/24/22: Álex González and Luis Castillo; Dave Van Horne speaks; Neidert ties the knot

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The latest Miami Marlins coverage to get you through the lockout blues.

Shortstop Alex Gonzalez #11 of the Florida Marlins gets covered in beer by teammate second baseman Luis Castillo #1 after beating the San Francisco Giants in the 2003 National League Division Series at Pro Player Stadium Photo by Eliot J. Schechter/Getty Images
  • Bargaining between MLB and the MLBPA resumes today when the players’ union is expected to present a counteroffer to the league. So far, the two sides have been talking past each other rather than earnestly negotiating a new CBA. But the fact that this meeting will take place face to face is at least mildly encouraging.
  • Although the Marlins came across as courteous in their social media goodbye post, Dave Van Horne tells Sportsnet’s Blair & Barker podcast that he did not retire on his own terms. The longtime radio broadcaster hoped to continue working for another year or two. There wasn’t mutual interest, though. He declined a part-time gig for the 2022 season, which would have included only 12 games of play-by-play duty. Van Horne also called out the Marlins for reducing his workload and/or compensation in every season since the ownership change.
  • Most of you have not had the opportunity to watch Dax Fulton in action. My gift to you: every pitch from his 10-strikeout performance on August 4. If you want more of these kind of Marlins prospect videos, please leave a like for it on YouTube!