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Offishial news, 1/21/22: CBA talks; robo umps closing in; digging into DRC+

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The latest Miami Marlins coverage to get you through the lockout blues.

Marlins pitching prospect Dax Fulton with the Low-A Jupiter Hammerheads in 2021 @GoHammerheads/Twitter
  • Bargaining between MLB and the MLBPA resumes on Monday when the players’ union is expected to present a counteroffer to the league. So far, the two sides have been talking past each other rather than earnestly negotiating a new CBA.
  • The automated ball and strike system will be utilized by some Triple-A West teams in 2022. ABS has received mixed reviews when implemented at lower levels (including the Arizona Fall League, Low-A Southeast and independent ball), but this decision suggests that with a few tweaks, it could soon make its way to The Show.
  • The Baseball Prospectus staff rolled out their updated list of MLB’s Top 101 prospects. Six Marlins made the cut. Their most unique take? Ranking Dax Fulton at No. 76, which puts him fifth-highest among all left-handed pitchers.
  • I’m guilty of not paying enough attention to BP’s deserved runs created plus stat (DRC+). To make up for it, here’s a breakdown of which Marlins prospects had the biggest gaps between DRC+ and weighted runs created plus (wRC+) last season.
  • Kyle Goings of Pitcher DIGS posted a prospects list using a heavily analytical approach that’s 150 players deep. Six Fish are on there.
  • Chris Bachman of Nolan Writin’ dreamed up Marlins-Rangers trade scenarios centered around Elieser Hernandez, Sixto Sánchez and Garrett Cooper.
  • Chad Young of Pitcher List thinks Cooper could be the Marlin who capitalizes most from a fantasy baseball perspective on the anticipated universal designated hitter rule change.
  • Ryan Finkelstein of Just Baseball explains why the Marlins are a “really interesting sleeper team” to sign Kyle Schwarber in free agency.
  • Listen to a conversation between Marlins senior director of international operations Adrian Lorenzo and Marlins Radio’s Kyle Sielaff on the latest edition of Around The Horn.
  • Andrew Werdal posted his better-late-than-never 2021 season review article on José Devers.
  • As previously mentioned, I will be competing on the next Marlins Jeopardy livestream. Alex Carver of Fish On The Farm is serving as “substitute quizmaster” in my place. If you have original Marlins trivia that you’d like to be featured on the show, please direct message him on Twitter (@marlinsminors) to be considered.
  • Son Los Marlins retells the story of Mike Mordecai’s unusual 2005 season in the Marlins organization as both a coach and a player.
  • Former Marlins pitcher Sergio Mitre is headed to prison for a very long time for a heinous crime.