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Seven Ways for FishStripes Fans to Have Fun During “Time” With Cellphone

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Being a dedicated baseball fan means attending as many games as possible when your favorite team is playing. And there is a good reason why only the most committed of fans visit the matches on a regular basis.

First, you need to spend plenty of time until you get inside the stadium and find your seat. And before you do you need to equip yourself with food and drinks so you won’t have to get up to get some in the middle of the game. Moreover, you need to be mindful of people sitting around you, so you can’t get up whenever you want (hint—think about going to the toilet before the match begins). And lastly, no matter if you are a Miami Marlins fan or not, as a baseball fan in general you know there is plenty of time that needs to be killed when the umpire rules a dead ball.

This is why you need to have something fun to do while you wait for the game to resume. And one of the best ways is to try out different mobile games. Let’s take a look at different games that you can try out while waiting for the teams to continue playing.


If you are on a quest to find what is popular and yet easy and simple to enjoy, then Dots is the right game for you. This title consists of thirty-six dots that are of different colors. The player needs to connect the dots that are next to each other and that are of the same color. The goal is to clear the screen of all dots. The dots can be connected in all possible directions except diagonally.

Monument Valley

Even though there is already Monument Valley 2 that you can try out, the first part of this puzzle is still one of the best games that you can play on your mobile. And what makes it so special is the aesthetics. Monument Valley is one of the most beautiful games you will ever lay your eyes on. The goal of the game is to find the right path for the small princess and help her reach the end of the road.

Online Games

Depending on your location you can always access some of the best casinos and play your favorite casino games while waiting for the baseball game to start again. You can always check out the ranking of best online casino payouts to see which operators offer the fastest withdrawal methods. In this way, you don’t have to wait too long to get your winnings, no matter if you are a fan of free spins on slots or video poker. Moreover, you can also visit any of the no deposit casino venues and play games like blackjack, craps, roulette, or even poker with a live dealer.

Source: Pixabay

Flipflop Solitaire

On the other hand, if you like card games such as FreeCell, Klondike, Blackjack, etc. but you want to play by yourself without any possibility to earn some extra cash, then Flipflop Solitaire is an option. Unlike the classic version of solitaire, this one offers you the chance to arrange the card from both ascending and descending values.

Candy Crush Saga

For those people who enjoy match-three games, there is no better game than Candy Crush Saga. There are hundreds of fantastic levels that you can enjoy while you wait for your baseball game to start again. Filled with fantastic character, an incredible map, and tasty falling objects, this is a game that you will never get bored of.

Scrabble Go

Everyone who enjoyed paying Scrabble in real life can now download it to their smartphones and play it at any time. Scrabble Go is a relatively new game and if you the rules are as simple as the ones that applied for the board-game version. You can choose to play in single mode or with a friend, which is a great alternative if you are sitting in the audience with a friend or family member.

Manor Matters

One of the most popular genres among mobile game players is the hidden objects game. Especially if it has wonderful graphics and an engaging story, like the one in “Manor Matters”. There is no better way to kill some additional time than by solving mysteries.


Unlike before when we had to spend endless minutes waiting for the baseball game to start again, now we can use our smartphones to make the time go faster. Mobile games are the ideal solution to kill some time before the game resumes so we can go back to cheering without feeling bored.


Robert Griffith is a great sports enthusiast who likes to write about different things related to sports. No matter if he’s exploring different ways to get a ticket for your favorite game, or which casino or sportsbook offers the best odds, Robert tries to help sports fans with every article he writes. He spends his free time playing baseball with friends or playing poker online.