Trading Pitchers

What's up Miami Marlins fans. I was just watching Edward Cabrera's first start and he looks pretty good. One of the announcers made a comment saying that there is a chance that there would be all 5 starters being close in age. I assume that he meant Sandy (25), Rogers (23), Sixto (23), Cabrera (23), and Meyer (22). That leaves many starters out. First, Pablo Lopez (25). Ever since I realized how great Rogers was and that Cabrera and Meyer were developing, I knew Lopez was going to go. It got me thinking, what could his value be? Lopez is under contract until after the 2024 season, making it possible to give him up for more. I don't think the injury to Lopez will really effect his pitching or his injury but only time will tell. What Miami really needs to do with Pablo is ship him out for a close-to ready amazing talent. Although people don't really talk about him, Pablo's stats back up that claim. If he was not hurt, he would have the 15th best ERA- and the 9h best FIP-. The guys that are above him are the CY Young candidates that everyone always talks about, such as Corbin Burnes, Gerrit Cole and Zach Wheeler. That's a pretty good group and every sigle one of those players could get traded for any of the top 10 prospects. If we give up a prospect like Connor Scott and/or Jerar Encarnacion, we could probably get someone like Noelvi Marte or CJ Abrams. That would set the SS position up for the future and Jazz would go to 2B. Another possibility, although unlikely, is we get Fransisco Alvarez. The catcher position would be set for the future, although it doesn't seem like the Mets need pitching or would trade him. If we were to get a well known prospect that I named, it would be most likely CJ Abrams. It doesn't seem likely that Abrams has a spot in the Padres lineup, unless the Padres keep Tatis in the outfield. The other option is targeting Jaason Dominguez. It sounds crazy but it's more likely than you might think. He is in a Yankees organization if they resign Gallo, which I am predicting, the Yankees would have Stanton, Judge, and Gallo in the outfield. That's just something to keep in mind as the season finishes and the offseason is around the corner. I still believe though, that Abrams is the best option and we might even get catcher Luis Campusano if we add more.

Lopez is the only player that should certainly get shipped out of town, but there are a few other guys that come to mind. This list includes guys like Elieser Hernandez, who won't get into the starting rotation and Jesus Luzardo, who just looks lost on the mound and has looked like one of the worst pitchers in the whole league. Luzardo could probably get us an ok minor league arm but it might be best to wait until the end of next season. Hernandez though, might get the Fish a young outfielder to have, like Joe Gray, the 9th ranked prospect in the Brewers system. It seams like he 20-20 capabilities and could be played in centerfield because of his amazing arm. Although, he is a high risk prospect because he is someone who strikes out a bunch. Either we can go with Gray, or Jeter and Ng can find a place to put Hernandez in the bullpen.

This offseason has a chance to be a great one for the history of the Marlins. All that's important that we build for the future because we are nowhere near win now mode.