I Don't Quite Get It With The Marlins.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

This Marlins team is arguably the most frustrating in a while, and that's saying quite a lot, eh?

They are arguably far less entertaining and endearing than 2019 Marlins, I feel far less exuberant to watch compared to that season. Far, far less.

It's almost as if they, the FO, really don't seem to give a damn. As much as I loathe saying such a contemptuously asinine thing.

Why is Isan taking away chances away from Brigman, who has evolved his game greatly, yet is consistently getting the shaft? Why is Brian Miller getting less reps than Sierra? Why are Navarreto and Quintana still down in Triple AAA, especially with the level of production they've attained there? Where's Tommy Eveld and Daniel Castano? Heck, Where's Edward Cabrera? Yes, one could argue that once Pablo and T-Raw return, there will be no place for him in the rotation, but hell, just place him in the bullpen for now.

Is it service time manipulation? I mean, what else could it be? The FO can-not actually want Alfaro, Leon, Sierra, Brinson and Isan, can they? I don't know...

I'm completely bemused by the team's actions right now, and to be quite frank, am at the cusp of complete indifference. Especially since they don't seem interested in giving BA, Sandy and Aggy a pay raise.

Oh, and Dax's Data Dugout is, most likely, returning in 2022! Hope to see you blokes then!