The Mockery Draft

Jeter and Co. made their first draft in 2018. The object of the whole exercise, the culmination of endless scouting, is to find a few players that will be productive major leaguers. How did they do?

Alex Vesia. 17th round. Why do I mention that name? Because he kinda, maybe, sorta might be a decent relief pitcher in the majors some day. Nobody else in that entire draft seems destined to contribute. Seems impossible. It was what it was.

Was 2019 any better? Not for sure. Bleday, Misner, Nunez, etc. and a bunch of others are basically .200 hitters thus far. Peyton Burdick shows hustle and power and some patience at the plate, but unless he greatly reduces the strike out rate, none of the rest will matter. There's a lot of Monte Harrison going on there.

Last year the abbreviated draft resulted in six pitchers. Eder and Meyer at least appear to be promising and appear in tomorrow's Futures Game. Nikolas and McCambley started out well, but the hitters have caught up to them and they are getting pounded. Dax Fulton is too far away to even project.

As a diehard, my fingers are crossed for the fresh selections over the next few days. Give me Harry Ford. Please. At least I won't have to second guess the highly paid professional guessers that the Marlins will utilize.